$10 billion+ in commercial lines’ premium leakage

Inaccurate data leads to improper underwriting and inaccurate pricing. And slow data delivery results in lost business.

Underwriters face huge challenges across all commercial lines. To answer them, you need reliable, accurate data and analytics delivered fast—and to innovate in fresh, powerful ways.

Experience LightSpeed™

Automation, accuracy, and increased throughput for decisions supporting risk rating and underwriting.


Discover InsurTech Solutions

Reliable commercial lines data and analytics start with accuracy and speed, satisfying both underwriting guidelines and customer expectations.

The ProMetrix® suite provides InsurTech solutions that combat premium leakage, ensure swift and accurate application prefill, provide reliable business, property, and auto risk data, and supply detailed loss histories, across all commercial lines.

Discover the ProMetrix Suite

Verified Survey Services

You need site-verified, granular survey details on properties, businesses, high-risk conditions, and more to give you reliable data for underwriting, rating, loss control, and risk management. Our survey services—with high resolution aerial imagery—does it all.

Automated loss histories

Customers want fast decisions, but insurers need accurate data to price policies properly. That can mean choosing between a customer or profits. With A-PLUS™ Commercial automated loss histories, insurers can have both speed and accuracy.

Fast, reliable implementation

How long have you had to wait to go live with your new product or service? Onboarding challenges are a frequent insurer complaint, but the ProMetrix onboarding process is fast, efficient, and fully supported, making sure you see the results of your investment now.

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A powerful portfolio starts here

Verisk insurance consultants can help ProMetrix customers identify attractive risk categories for growth opportunities or classifications ripe for retrenchment. We can show you how to use the unparalleled data assets within ProMetrix to help improve pricing accuracy.

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