OneXperience™ for Commercial Property

Real-time identification and verification of property data

Get quick, reliable data on commercial properties to help properly price policies instead of relying on site-unseen information.

OneXperience offers:

Engage digitally throughout the policy life cycle

Engage Digitally

Engage digitally throughout the policy life cycle

OneXperience provides a robust set of tools insurers can use to collect and distribute information and engage with all stakeholders to ensure proper risk identification and verification. OneXperience creates efficiencies through live virtual inspections, remote self-inspections, messaging, and file sharing.

Get on site with your customers


Get on site with your customers

Learn how new technology can help commercial property insurers underwrite with increased efficiency and provide customers with low-touch service, from quote to renewal.

Don’t have time to conduct a virtual property survey?

Onexperience Dont Have Time

Don’t have time to conduct a virtual property survey?

Let one of our experienced field staff handle it for you. OneXperience Virtual Survey Service is our latest cutting-edge virtual survey, performed by one of our 400 nationwide Verisk field representatives using the OneXperience platform. Incorporate one of our ProMetrix reports to get the full picture.

Discover OneXperience

Discover Onexperience

OneXperience™ is a collaborative risk management and self-inspection platform where insurers, agents, and policyholders can digitally engage in real time and share photos, videos, and forms throughout the life of the policy. Learn more about this solution.

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Insurers take control

Insurers Take Control

Insurers take control

OneXperience allows insurers to guide the survey process and make sure all relevant exposures are brought to light, minimizing the potential gap between actual conditions at the property and the coverage provided. Insurers benefit from:

  • Real-time engagement with customers
  • Improved internal and external collaboration
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Site-verified data
  • Dynamic mobile forms

Virtual identification and verification of insured risks

Leverage Our Insurtech Solution

Virtual identification and verification of insured risks

Learn how you can leverage our InsurTech solution to help boost efficiency and reduce the time associated with traditional inspections and surveys, while helping meet rising consumer expectations for easy, digitally enabled interactions.

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Dynamic duo: Pairing skilled survey professionals with virtual technology is transforming commercial property inspections

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