Engineering and Safety Service (E&S)

ISO's Engineering and Safety Service (E&S) is the leading provider of technical, legislative, and regulatory information for risk management and loss control. Insurance companies, agents, and customers in many other industries use E&S information for the purposes of managing commercial property/casualty risk and promoting the safety and welfare of the public. We supply a variety of products — such as technical reports, training programs, conferences, and legislative and regulatory information — and we offer a unique consultation service.

E&S can proudly trace its history back to the mid-nineteenth century. Through all that time, the organization's mission — to serve the insurance industry and the public with vital information on risk management and loss control — has remained solid, as it does today.

Many E&S products are available online through E&S on ISOnet® . And now, you can give your agents and customers intranet access to E&S information for risk management — with E&S Enterprise Subscription Service.

Follow the links for more information about E&S products and services:

Information-delivery services

  • E&S on ISOnet — the Internet's leading source of technical information for risk management and loss control
  • E&S Enterprise Subscription Service — letting you make E&S information available to your agents and customers through your own company extranet

Technical, legislative, and regulatory information

  • Technical Reports — analyses of specific hazards, processes, operations, and products, with guidelines for loss control
  • News Reports — information on new and emerging strategies for loss control
  • Business Links Reports — information on hazards and loss control for specific types of businesses
  • Client Handouts — action plans and checklists for risk management and loss control for you to distribute to your policyholders
  • Risk Management InfoLinks — detailed indexes of web resources for risk management and loss control
  • Consultation Service — individualized technical advice and guidance on risk management and loss control
  • Legislative — Loss Control Services — summaries and analyses of proposed and enacted laws and regulations affecting the services for loss control insurance companies must provide, with suggestions for compliance

Programs and publications

Purchasing E&S products and services

E&S subscriptions are open to all property/casualty insurers. Insurance brokers, agents, third-party administrators, and risk managers in other industries may also purchase materials from E&S.

To find out how your company can get E&S products and services, contact ISO. You can also call us at 1-800-888-4476.