ISO Electronic Rating Content™ Suite

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Keeping abreast of regulatory changes and updates to ISO commercial lines programs is expensive and time consuming. It doesn’t have to be.

ISO ERC Suite helps you implement ISO circular changes more quickly so you can devote more time to revenue-generating activities.

Consider these ERC advantages


Using ERC cut workload by up to 60% when processing a typical ISO change

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Shaved time by 70% when processing the change

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ISO Circulars, on average, are issued each week

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Focus on business goals

ISO ERC Suite helps you stay current and implement all the necessary changes ISO makes to its advisory loss costs, rules, and forms. By reducing the time and effort needed to analyze ISO circular changes, you can focus on achieving business objectives, including entering and competing in the marketplace.

ISO content from ISO:  No one else can say that

With ISO ERC, you get a digital representation of:

Rating data from the ISO Commercial Lines Manual

Rules for acting on that data

Deployment method

ISO ERC Suite lets you deploy our ISO Ratings content:

ISO Electronic Rating Content™ (ERC)

ISO rating content using your own tools and systems
ISO rating content provided in files you can use with your rating engine and configuration software.

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Each deployment option in the ERC Suite includes these components at no additional cost:

Automated Release Notes

Easy-to-understand business documentation describing ISO changes.

Automated Maintenance Feed

An XML file that makes it easy to import ISO changes directly into rating systems.

ISO ERC Suite is available for these ISO programs

ISO ERC also supports non-ISO lines, including:

  • workers compensation

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Explore commercial auto opportunities with three ISO solutions

Leveraging with ISO ERC, Vehicle Prefill, and RACA, insurers can more quickly develop and introduce new products with speed, efficiency, confidence and results.

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ISO Electronic Rating Content Suite

With the ISO Electronic Rating Content (ERC) Suite, you can significantly reduce the time and effort needed to analyze and implement ISO updates to advisory loss costs, rules, and forms. Verisk has dramatically expanded the available delivery options for ISO rating content, including a new cloud-based engine that enhances accuracy and reduces delivery time.

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Cloud-based delivery boosts speed and accuracy of ISO rating content

Whether insurers have their own rating engines or receive rating services from vendor partners, they frequently face the same challenges—speed and accuracy. Timely implementation of rating content changes can be complex and resource-intensive.

Learn how Verisk can make a difference

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Case Study: Starr Companies Achieves the Nearly Impossible

Starr Companies launched a new, nationwide Businessowners Policy program in under 6 months. (They had some help). From program development kickoff to nationwide sales, see how Starr achieved this nearly impossible, program launch timetable with ISO ERC and ERC partner Solartis.

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ISO Support: A Comparison of Manual and Electronic Practices

Maintaining rates, rules, and forms is a complex and labor intensive process within an insurance carrier, ERC can solve for that.

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Does ISO ERC deliver the goods?

Does cutting workload by 60 percent and shaving 70 percent off the time needed to update ISO rating programs sound good to you?

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Guidewire and ISO ERC

See how ISO and Guidewire are partnering to deliver winning commercial lines solutions using ISO ERC.

Webinar: ISO ERC Success Story

How a national commercial auto rental company launched and stays current with ISO.


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