PCS Data Delivery Suite


Flexible, customizable PCS® catastrophe data delivery

FlatCat® puts the entire PCS® catastrophe-history database right at your fingertips. It offers you a flexible delivery method that gives you fast, easy access to severe weather and catastrophe incident information from as far back as 1950. You can customize, analyze, and integrate the data right into your own system.

FlatCat enhances your ISOnet® PCS core service for an additional cost and is an unsurpassed tool for helping you make better decisions about your capital.

Get more catastrophe information faster: FlatCat gives you confidence because it supplies the most up-to-date and relevant information. You can access catastrophe serial numbers, definition extensions, and loss estimates to analyze the effects of catastrophes in certain states and by storm type.

FlatCat lets you:

  • better allocate capital and other resources
  • improve underwriting
  • streamline catastrophe planning
  • optimize your reinsurance purchases and other forms of risk transfer

Capture more catastrophe claims: Your system will match call center reports to the catastrophe definition in your company's database. Fewer claims will slip through the cracks, eliminating the need to check information manually.

Analyze PCS catastrophe data in the format you choose: You can format the data to suit your needs and integrate it into your own system. FlatCat gives you the flexibility to create customized reports and perform a broad range of analyses.

How FlatCat works

FlatCat is an encrypted flat-file database, and you must have the IT capabilities to incorporate it into your system. Using Verisk's secure FTP servers, FlatCat provides a daily data file that includes:

  • catastrophe serial numbers
  • dates of occurrence
  • states affected
  • types of catastrophes and perils
  • all loss estimates from preliminary to final (estimated payment, average payment, number of claims, total dollars)

Our staff will coordinate with your IT personnel and make any system changes needed to implement an automated daily download. Once you have those changes in place, the process works automatically. The data you download is always secure, as we support PGP Encryption over FTP and Tumbleweed Valicert Secure Transport™.

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Access important data through a graphical dashboard

US-CAT is a web-based tool with a graphical interface that helps you analyze catastrophe data. This tool allows you to create dynamic reports using data from all events in the United States since 1950 designated as catastrophes by PCS®.

US-CAT lets you:

  • access historical PCS data
  • create custom reports
  • access loss estimates without referencing multiple bulletins on ISOnet®
  • see how losses develop over time through resurvey periods

A dynamic tool that provides easy access to what you need with the click of a button

US-CAT allows you to filter through information, including:

  • date of catastrophe
  • states where catastrophe occurred
  • catastrophe type
  • catastrophe number
  • loss type
  • line of business

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