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From seed to smoke: Risks across the marijuana supply chain

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Read all of the articles in the Visualize series, From Seed to smoke: Risks across the marijuana supply chain, by Lucian McMahon, CPCU, ARM-E, AU-M, product development specialist with the ISO Emerging Issues team:

Note that the articles presented in the Visualize series have been condensed. Complete articles are available to ISO Emerging Issues subscribers. To learn more, visit the ISO Emerging Issues website.

ISO Emerging Issues marijuana series

 To learn more, visit the ISO Emerging Issues website.

Lucian McMahon

Lucian McMahon, CPCU, AU-M, ARM-E is a Manager of Research and Modeling for AIR Worldwide with the Arium group. Arium uses supply chain relationships to help organizations understand and quantify their exposure to casualty catastrophe events. You can learn more about Arium here.

You can contact Lucian at

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