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Keep up with the evolving risks facing your business

Emerging Issues provides Verisk customers with access to insights on cutting-edge research on topics and trends that may be of interest to insurers and risk managers.

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Emerging Issues helps insurers better understand new and emerging risk exposures. Through in-depth research, regular webinars, and a weekly newsletter, the Emerging Issues team helps keep you informed on over 40 topics. Available through ISOnet®, the Emerging Issues website contains proprietary research conducted by Verisk and links to timely research from third parties, including media publications, research groups, universities, and government regulatory agencies. Emerging Issues research is vital market intelligence that can help inform product development and strategic planning and is included for Verisk customers.

2022 Review Teaser

Underwriting innovation: The 2022 year in review

Here's what we here at Verisk accomplished in 2022.

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Emerging Issues Teaser

Which emerging issue will shape the P/C industry in 2023…and beyond

The 2023 Emerging Issues Bracket Challenge is our opportunity to see which issues have your attention this year.

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Upstream Webinar Teaser

Why it’s time to rethink vehicle cybersecurity

How each connection in the tangled web of vehicle cybersecurity could represent a potential vulnerability for bad actors to exploit.

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Facial Recognition Technology Lawsuits Teaser

An Analysis of Facial Recognition Technology Lawsuits

Analyzing several lawsuits arising from the use of facial recognition technology, setting new legal precedent.

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From artificial intelligence to zoonotic disease, Emerging Issues is a powerful resource for researching the emerging risks facing your business.

Emerging cyber risks in the automotive ecosystem


Emerging cyber risks in the automotive ecosystem

What are some of the key cyber risks facing the automotive market?

In this Emerging Issues webinar, special guest Giuseppe Serio, the Vice President of Market Development for the automotive cybersecurity and data management firm Upstream, explains how a new ecosystem of risk surrounding the automotive market could change how we think about vehicle cybersecurity.

Perspectives: Climate change and black swans

Climate Related Black Swan Events

Perspectives: Climate change and black swans

Climate change means more extreme weather catastrophes. The ability to anticipate and prepare for extreme weather, not just in terms of a single event from a single peril but also in terms of a series of such events over an entire year, can have widespread benefits to society.

And yet, we’re often caught off guard, or at least under-prepared, for many extreme weather events, leading the public to believe they were completely unpredictable—so-called black swans.

PFAS: Trends in Research


PFAS: Trends in Research

This Emerging Issues webinar was held on March 22, 2022, and featured Dr. Rainer Lohmann, Professor at the University of Rhode Island and Director of STEEP (Sources, Transport, Exposure & Effects of PFAS), a research center sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are an increasingly concerning subject, especially as more research about this class of chemicals comes to light.

The presentation highlights current trends in PFAS research, with a particular focus on how PFAS behave in the marine environment. Dr. Lohmann touches upon the chemistry of PFAS, their health effects, and current efforts to regulate, replace, or remediate PFAS.

Focus on: Cannabis

The cannabis industry continues to evolve. What might we expect in the near future?


Webinar: Modern Cannabis 2021 and Beyond

Terradigm Co-founder, Sean Arnold, highlights some current commercial cannabis trends with a particular focus on certain standards in this industry and how they have evolved.

Hemp Cannabis Cross Pollination

Cross-pollination concerns grow

Industrial hemp farmers and marijuana farmers may be botanically at odds if their fields are located too close to each other. Learn more.

Emerging Issues topics in focus

Stay current and informed on over 40 emerging issues. Here’s a selection of some of the issues we’re researching.

Solar Flare Emerging Risk

Solar Flares

People have been aware of the potential risks posed by solar storms to technology here on Earth for hundreds of years. A solar flare could cost insurers hundreds of billions. It’s not as unlikely as you think.

The staggering costs of a solar eruption

Alternative Energy

Energy storage systems play an increasingly critical role in energy infrastructure. But are they a major fire hazard waiting to happen?

Energy storage system (ESS) market continues to grow


Industrial hemp farmers and marijuana farmers may be botanically at odds if their fields are located too close to each other.

Hemp vs. marijuana: Cross-pollination concerns grow

Climate Crisis

Changing Arctic weather patterns are beginning to produce tangible results beyond the Arctic that could eventually reverberate throughout the world.

Permafrost, peatlands, and the Arctic domino effect

Internet of Things (IoT)

Edge computing may be around the corner, delivering with it a host of associated risks and benefits. Could edge computing have a significant impact on emerging technologies, as well as many others?

Edge computing is coming: What is it?

Supply Chain

How come some U.S. farmers are being compelled to waste so many food products when hundreds of millions of people—both at home and abroad—are dealing with crisis levels of hunger?

Indoor vertical farming: The future of food production and distribution?


Commentary and analysis from experts across Verisk on the critical issues facing insurers and society today.

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