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Insights that power innovation

Colorado Marshall Fire Data Ecosystem
March 7, 2022

Using a data ecosystem to capture impacts of Colorado’s Marshall Fire

A new Verisk wildfire case study breaks down the data suite used to evaluate the aftermath of the recent Marshall Fire in Colorado.

Visualize Blog Chiropractor
March 7, 2022

Is your organization vulnerable to emerging provider fraud trends?

The concept of new and emerging provider fraud trends doesn’t only apply to recent medical providers showing up on your radar.

Blog Teaser3
March 3, 2022

CMS on the move: Section 111 civil money penalties Final Rule and Future Medicals proposals are pending review for release

The OIRA website indicates that CMS’s long-awaited S111 CMP “final rule” and their “Future Medicals” proposals are completed and are now pending OIRA review for release.

Structures Built
March 2, 2022

Building resiliency with building codes

BCEGS helps communities, policyholders, and insurers understand how community resiliency positively impact non-catastrophe weather losses.

Automating Quotes
March 2, 2022

Automating more homeowners quotes via efficient, reliable underwriting

Automated underwriting can help homeowners insurers be thorough, consistent, and fast with timely, actionable data and analytics.

Blog Teaser5
February 28, 2022

Filling the Need for Professional Administration Services

Individuals injured at work are dealing with numerous challenges – from the hardship of physical affliction to feeling overwhelmed by managing medical bills.

Iso Homeowners Insurance Policy
February 25, 2022

A new era for the ISO Homeowners Insurance Policy Program in Virginia

What insurers need to know about the new ISO Homeowners Policy Program filing in Virginia for 2022.

Life Insurers
February 24, 2022

Healthspan: Risk and opportunity in chronic illness for life insurers

Life insurance growth could benefit from attacking barriers tied to chronic illness, and wearable technology and data to help overcome them.

Blog Teaser1
February 18, 2022

CMS holds WCMSA webinar CMS discusses non-submit/EBMSAs, allocation pricing, denials, and other important WCMSA topics

On February 17, 2022 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) held a webinar session to address workers’ compensation Medicare set-aside (WCMSA) issues.

Image Analytics
February 17, 2022

Insurers get a clearer picture of risk exposure with image analytics

Verisk is using image analytics technology to extract meaningful insights from images to help streamline small commercial underwriting.

2022 Emerging Issues Bracket Challenge
February 14, 2022

It’s time to fill in your 2022 Emerging Issues bracket!

What emerging issues keep insurers and risk managers up at night? The Emerging Issues Bracket Challenge helps find out.

Anti Fraud Technology
February 11, 2022

Keeping pace with anti-fraud innovation

Customer expectations for faster, more convenient service have been one of the key drivers of innovation for insurers.

A courtroom gavel with a courthouse in the background.
February 8, 2022

Here’s how insurers can potentially spot the next “Big Tobacco”

What lead to the Big Tobacco settlement? Verisk research into historical risks helps identify key drivers of major liability events.

Blog Teaser1
February 7, 2022

CMS to hold WCMSA webinar on February 17, 2022 – several key WCMSA topics are on CMS’s agenda

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will discuss a variety of topics related to Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-Asides (WCMSAs).

Microplastic Brings Concern
February 7, 2022

Some microplastics bring PFAS concerns - and vice versa

Are microplastics a vector for PFAS contamination? New research suggests linkages between the two.

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