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We've created this blog to inform, update, and provide interesting information for our customers and the market overall. A variety of Verisk associates write the blog posts, and we welcome our customers' comments and feedback.

CMS’ Medicare Beneficiary Identifier initiative and its Medicare Secondary Payer impact

Starting in April, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will begin replacing all Medicare cards with a new unique 11-byte Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) number. The change is...

CMS Releases WCMSA Reference Guide (Version 2.7)

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released its latest WCMSA Reference Guide (Version 2.7). This is CMS’ ninth release of the guide to date. A copy of CMS’ new reference guide...

Texas Court: Medicare Advantage Plans Can Sue for Private Cause of Action under the Medicare Secondary Payer Statute

In Humana v. Shrader , 2018 WL 1384529 (S.D. Tex. March 16, 2018), the federal district court ruled, in part, that the private cause of action (PCA) provision under the Medicare Secondary Payer (MS...

Medicare Advantage Update: Connecticut Court Rules MAPs Can Pursue “Double Damages” Under the Medicare Secondary Payer Statute

Connecticut is the latest jurisdiction to address whether Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPs) have private cause of action (PCA) rights to pursue “double damages” under the Medicare Secondary Payer (MS...

Reference Guide to Florida Verifications

When a crash occurs in Florida, the state sends an FR1/FR100 “Liability” Sanction Verification to the auto insurance carriers of the motorists involved in the incident. Florida advised carriers to confirm coverage for crash verifications if a motorist’s insurance policy meets the state’s minimum liability requirements, even if the VIN is registered in another state.

Oklahoma Plate Scanners

Oklahoma has contracted with the vendor Gatso USA to scan (using cameras) motorists’ license plates to determine whether auto insurance coverage is in place. The plates will be matched against the state’s verification system. If the vehicle is found to be uninsured, the owner will be mailed a citation with a penalty of $184. Motorists who pay the fine will not have a charge of driving without insurance on their permanent record.

New Strategy to Reduce Uninsured Driver Rate

The Insurance Research Council (IRC) estimated Oklahoma’s uninsured driver rate to be 26 percent in 2012, the highest in any state. Though this most recent estimate is five years old, there is little evidence the rate has dropped significantly.

International Women’s Day: Barbara Sohn

We spoke with Barbara Sohn, vice president, corporate marketing at Verisk. Ms. Sohn directs content strategy, messaging, and generation for the company, providing a consistent and visible identity as the “voice” of Verisk.

International Women's Day: Cheryl Whittington

We spoke with Cheryl Whittington, director of operations at IntelliCorp, a Verisk business. IntelliCorp is a nationwide provider of preemployment screening and background checks for organizations and businesses of all sizes.

International Women's Day: Donna Westerman

We spoke with Donna Westerman, head of retail and consumer goods and vice president for consulting at Verisk Maplecroft. Verisk Maplecroft helps organizations optimize and strengthen their risk management processes and supply chains by providing a full-spectrum solution that blends an unparalleled portfolio of global risk analytics with world-leading analysis, real-time locational monitoring, and innovative risk-calculator technology.