Roof Underwriting Report for Commercial Risks

When you want the full picture

Getting inspectors onto commercial roofs can be a challenge

Some underwriters use images found on the web to verify commercial roofs—a manual process that relies on images that are often low resolution and several years old. Fortunately, there’s a better way. Verisk offers detailed information on commercial roofs, using aerial imagery, robust data, and advanced analytics.

30% of commercial roofs show significant visible deterioration

Know your true roof exposure—at each stage

Verisk’s Roof Underwriting Report can help insurers identify high-risk exposures. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, the report provides core roof attributes, including: condition, age, cover material, type/geometry, solar panels, and roof replacement costs powered by 360Value.

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Verisk delivers extensive roof insights that can help you identify high-risk exposures and better manage risk across the policy lifecycle


Roof damage claims


Roof claims

50% Increase

In severe wind, thunderstorm, and hail events

Weather Analytics play a key role in knowing your roof exposure. With real time processing returns you can have the essential roof data you need at a fraction of the price of traditional inspections.

Verisk provides key roof insights for every property you insure

Key Roof Insights

By combining artificial intelligence and computer learning with leading data and analytics, know your true roof exposure.

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Easily incorporate into your workflow

Easily Incorporate

Easily incorporate into your workflow

The report is available through ProMetrix®, a robust source of insurance-specific underwriting data and analytics for 12.2 million commercial properties in the United States.

Combine it with other ProMetrix reports, such as the Building Underwriting Report, 360Value®, and LOCATION® reports to get a complete view of property risk.

Verisk’s Roof Underwriting Report: When You Want the Full Picture

Roof Underwriting Webinar

Verisk’s Roof Underwriting Report: When You Want the Full Picture

In this webinar, we explore the challenges of assessing roofs and how our new report can help accelerate and refine commercial property underwriting.

Eyes in the Sky: Safer, Faster—and Sharper—Views for Commercial Roof Inspections

Eyes In The Sky

Eyes in the Sky: Safer, Faster—and Sharper—Views for Commercial Roof Inspections

Inspecting the roofs of commercial buildings, especially smaller ones, can be a major challenge for insurers.

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