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OneXperience for Personal Property

Engage with consumers digitally

Leverage virtual technology to help you rapidly validate essential property characteristics

Property inspections can be intrusive for policyholders, expensive for many insurers, and time-consuming for all parties involved.

OneXperience in action


Determining or verifying key risk characteristics of insured property or vehicles can be costly, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. Technology provides a way to have eyes on site without boots on the ground. See how OneXperience can work for you.

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Take your inspections digital, quickly

OneXperience™, Verisk’s virtual inspection tool, provides a simple and scalable option to get insurers the critical data they need, while staying efficient in the process.

Key features include:

A tool backed by core beliefs



A simple, easy to use platform that is accessible regardless of device limits



Adjustable to the needs of the customer, with minimal disruption

Solution Oriented


Flexible options available and organizational capabilities top-of-mind

Streamline integrations to enhance property inspection workflow

Enhance Property Inspection Workflow

Streamline integrations to enhance property inspection workflow

With integrations connected through the Verisk ecosystem, obtain a comprehensive view of property risk while providing customers with a more engaging experience. Speed the underwriting process with reliable, seamless access to reconstruction cost estimates and high-resolution aerial images.

Boost efficiency and optimize inspection costs

Once an inspection is ordered, it can take weeks to receive critical risk information. With OneXperience, reduce your homeowners inspection cycle times by up to 70 percent while cutting the cost of traditional inspections in half.

Hundred Dollars

Traditional inspections can cost hundreds of dollars and yield inconsistent results

Up To Forty Five Days

Results from these inspections may not be available for upwards of 45 days

See how it works


See how it works

Walk through the OneXperience platform, highlighting the easy-to-use functionality, customization features, and how to incorporate analytics into workflows.

Analytics to accelerate and automate personal property underwriting

Hazard Detection

Hazard detection

Uncover hazards like a damaged roof, unfenced pool, and yard debris, which are critical characteristics in determining eligibility and refining risk selection.

Image Verification

Image verification

The platform can help authenticate images with date, time and location-based data and original content checks, supporting more informed risk assessment.

Can’t see all of the property risks? You could be headed for a fall

Laugh Ratios Comic

Can’t see all of the property risks? You could be headed for a fall

Unverified property information is an ever-present pitfall for many insurers, whether they’re underwriting a cabin in the woods, a downtown professional building, or a highway strip mall. The less certain you are of what your customers and agents tell you, the shakier your footing may be.

Optimize digital inspections

Optimize Digital Inspections

Leverage advanced analytics to automate more informed underwriting throughout the policy lifecycle.

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