You can help us make a difference

You can help us make a difference

Sometimes, it’s those little things that make a big difference.

For example, during the course of completing our annual customer survey a few years ago, a respondent wrote: “I realize security is important; however . . . it seems like every time we need to use your services, we have to call in because our password is expired.”

That was incredibly valuable for us to know, and we responded to quickly solve the problem by launching a 24/7 password reset capability, so our customers no longer have to wait for live support when they need help.

We also benefit from comments that let us know we’re on the right track, comments such as this one from a previous survey respondent, who said: “I can't express how much your services have made it that much easier for me to run all my checks needed to hire the right people for the jobs that we need filled. Thank you for your fast and friendly service!”

This year we’re looking for that same important feedback from our customers. What are we doing right? What can we improve upon? On Tuesday (November 7), we sent our annual survey to our many customers. We’re gratified that the returns are already pouring in.

Customers: check your in-box for our survey

If you’re an iiX customer, I hope you’ll look in your “in-box” for the survey email you received and will take a few minutes to tell us how you feel about the service we’re providing to you. If you cannot locate the survey email, please contact a member of our Customer Support team by dialing 800-683-8553, Option 7.

As always, we consider your valuable feedback very carefully as we look for ways to continuously improve our products and enhance your iiX customer experience. 

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Robby Hobbs is vice president of auto operations for the Verisk Analytics iiX unit, a premier provider of motor vehicle reports (MVRs) and preemployment screening services. He began his career with iiX more than 20 years ago. Throughout his career, Robby has served a number of roles, including account manager and account executive, and he has also managed sales and marketing initiatives. Robby completed his bachelor’s degree in business management from Sam Houston State University in Texas