ISO ClaimSearch® satisfies fire loss reporting requirements in Tennessee

Recently, ISO ClaimSearch® received confirmation from the Tennessee Deputy Commissioner for Fire Prevention that ISO ClaimSearch satisfies the fire loss reporting requirement for insurance companies in the state of Tennessee.

  • Tennessee accepts the active reporting from ISO ClaimSearch as a means of satisfying its current requirements for fire loss reporting under TCA 68-102-114.
  • Tennessee has also advised that the requirement for companies to report the “sound value of property” required by its statute is currently waived. Tennessee continues to research the intent of the term and whether statutory changes will be required or requested in the future.
  • Tennessee has advised that its statute requires that the following ISO ClaimSearch optional fields be reported:
    o Location of Loss, specifically Address and City of the State
    o Estimated and/or Settlement Loss Amount Paid (of any amount)
    o Amount of Policy (of any amount)
    o Cause of Loss

We’ve provided coding tags for those particular items to assist with programming for those specific fields.

ISO ClaimSearch will continue to have an open line of communication with the Tennessee State Fire Marshal office and provide any further updates to our members as they become available.

Kate O'Kelly

Katherine O’Kelly is the ClaimSearch compliance manager. She is responsible for compliance and state regulatory matters involving ISO ClaimSearch, the property/casualty insurance industry’s “all claims” database. Katherine has five years of claims experience in the property/casualty industry, with a specialization in workers' compensation.