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Bring greater precision to wind and hail claims assessment

In the past five years, insurers have reported more than 3.7 million hail claims and more than 6.8 million wind claims to ISO ClaimSearch®. Half a million hail claims and more than a million wind claims were reported in 2015 alone.

Clearly, wind and hail are costing your business critical dollars in losses. This is particularly concerning because it’s challenging to authenticate the veracity of some of these claims.
To facilitate the processing of meritorious claims and detection of potential fraud, ISO ClaimSearch has made significant enhancements to its Hail Verification and Wind Assessment Reports available through Decision Net®.

Hail Verification and Wind Assessment Reports on Decision Net are now powered by the Benchmark™ database, an extensive storehouse of natural hazard information derived from the latest advancements in radar and weather data collection technologies. Proprietary algorithms developed by Verisk Climate scientists also drive the analysis of storm severity, damaging wind activity, and other significant weather events at a property loss location.

The upgraded report’s numeric-based insights, a combination of predictive and post-event metrics, provide targeted information on conditions at a property loss location. The report is a significant improvement over the previous generation of reporting, which was based on severe weather estimates and local field spotter observations. The Hail Verification and Wind Assessment Reports now feature:

  • likelihood of a hail event and an estimation of hail size and damage potential
  • likelihood of wind gust activity occurring of a particular strength and duration
  • mapping of area affected by adverse weather conditions
  • general weather readings and graphical display of hourly temperature, wind, humidity, and barometric pressure statistics
  • local entity providing general weather metrics, including distance from location identified in query criteria

In addition to enhanced data findings, the Hail Verification and Wind Assessment Reports now provide three-day coverage, giving you critical information on the reported date of loss, as well as one day before and after. Geo-coverage is also much tighter, narrowing the search to a five-mile radius to allow for greater focus on the primary impact area of severe weather events.

The full portfolio of ISO ClaimSearch Weather Forensic Reports can be found on the Public Records – Weather Reports page of Decision Net. For more information on Hail Verification and Wind Assessment Reports, please contact Customer Support at 1-800-888-4476 or email

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