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Quote Small Commercial Report

Business Name + Address = Quote

Did you know that seven in 10 underwriters report losing deals by taking too long to process small and medium-sized business applications?

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Ai Focused Infographic

Welcome to underwriting in the AI era

Learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping the landscape of small commercial insurance underwriting.

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Book Smart Teaser

Book smart: Measuring your true risk

Stay current, accurate, and focused with a small commercial portfolio analysis.

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Six Marks Teaser

Six Marks of a Quality Data Provider

Need quality underwriting data and analytics for small commercial and businessowners’ risks? Here’s what to look for in a provider.

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Woman Staring Into The Distance

Is bad data draining your bottom line? We can help

How insurers can improve their underwriting accuracy in the small commercial market through more accurate classifications.

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Man Sitting At His Laptop

Is your underwriting data delivering value at each stage of the policy lifecycle?

Learn how the high-quality underwriting data and analytics in LightSpeed Small Commercial can help insurers throughout the policy lifecycle.

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Looking to save time and increase underwriting profit?

LightSpeed® Small Commercial can help you automate application details and exposure identification to guide data-driven underwriting decisions.

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Lightspeed Api Abstract Hero

Ready to invest in powerful underwriting analytics?

What insurance company CIOs, CTOs and IT personnel need to know about integrating the LightSpeed Small Commercial API into their systems.

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The era of automated small commercial underwriting is here

LightSpeed Small Commercial from Verisk can support insurers along every step of the automated underwriting journey with high-quality data and actionable analytics.

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Construction Worker

The power of LightSpeed Small Commercial

Learn how LightSpeed Small Commercial can help insurers underwrite small and mid-sized businesses in the contractor, hospitality, bar, restaurant, and retail industries.

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Want to quote small commercial business in seconds?

It’s easy to gain powerful underwriting insights into small commercial insurance risks with LightSpeed® Small Commercial from Verisk.

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We can help boost your BOP and small commercial business with accurate underwriting insights

How the underwriting analytics delivered by LightSpeed Small Commercial can help insurers capitalize on the small business boom.

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Namic Video

Beyond Prefill: Automating Small Commercial Underwriting, for Real

With data analytics powered by machine learning, AI and computer vision, LightSpeed Small Commercial gives insurers tools to transform their risk rating and underwriting.

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Business Name Address

Actionable insurance insights built on cutting-edge technology

Small business risk exposures can lie in plain sight, but without the right technology, you may never find them. That’s why we built LightSpeed® Small Commercial.

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Trends In Small Commercial

Trends in small commercial digitization

In the fiercely competitive market for small commercial insurance, carriers and brokers are no longer just talking about digitization—they’re making it a reality.

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Webinars on demand

The Race to Zero: LightSpeed® Small Commercial

The Verisk ecosystem of small commercial insurance solutions provides a wide range of customizable options designed to improve efficiency & accelerate profitable growth.

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The Four Keys to Winning the Race to Zero

In this webinar, we explore how a holistic, automated underwriting strategy can help carriers achieve their goals and better serve their customers.

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Improving Small Commercial Underwriting Outcomes with AI

In this webinar, we’ll explore the real-world benefits of AI/ML in a commercial underwriting environment.

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The Race to Zero: Automating Small Commercial Underwriting

In this webinar, learn how using automated underwriting can improve customer and agent experience.

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Image Analytics: Gaining A Competitive Edge in Small Commercial Underwriting

Learn how to easily integrate image analytics to gain a clearer understanding of risk, shorten the time to quote, contain premium leakage, and improve retention.

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Unleash the Power of Analytics in Your Small Commercial Underwriting

In the race to win more small commercial business insurers need to deliver faster, more accurate quotes, and high-quality data and analytics can make all the difference.

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Advance Adoption Analytics

Adoption of advanced data analytics

To improve customer satisfaction and advance business goals, insurers can deploy advanced analytic tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Business Owners Policy

Where going small can be a big deal

Learn how to you build a businessowners policy insurance program for commercial insurers.

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Beyond The Buzz Word

Beyond the Buzzword: Understanding the power of AI in small commercial underwriting

Learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping the landscape of small commercial insurance underwriting.

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Small Commercial

Automated Underwriting: Winning in the Race to Zero

For effective automated underwriting, insurers must master the intersection of data, analytics, workflow, and technology.

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Image Analytics

How image analytics is transforming data-driven underwriting for small commercial insurers

Image Analytics: artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision combine to deliver insurance-ready insights to empower your automated underwriting journey

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Small Comm Data Noise Teaser

Reduce the noise in small commercial data

Identifying the essentials can put you ahead in the race to zero questions.

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Construction Workers

Stretching Your Playbook for Middle Market Expansion

A strong foundation in small commercial business is a good start. Small commercial and smaller middle market accounts share a similar industry and core lines composition.

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Hit The Gas

High-quality data providers accelerate small commercial underwriting

There’s so much that goes into developing a high-quality small commercial underwriting data solution—from data governance and sourcing to compliance and model building.

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Harnessing Insights with a Data-First Underwriting Strategy

Data-first strategies have provided commercial lines underwriters with quick and easy access to large amounts of information on applicants.

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How Data and Analytics Are Transforming the Risk Business

Maroun Mourad looks at the new world of risk in this podcast interview.

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Automated Underwriting: The Race to “Zero Questions Asked”

As automated underwriting grows, it’s critical to remember the importance of leveraging solid data and analytics quickly, with scale, and without compromising guidelines.

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Cutting through the Data Noise in Small Commercial Underwriting

Underwriters are working with a wealth of data at their disposal, but finding the right data at the right time can still be a challenge.

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Q1 Quarterly Report 23 1 1

Mild reconstruction cost rise signals stabilizing market

Total reconstruction costs increased 5.1% from October 2022 to 2023. This uptick follows the 4.3% increase from July 2022 to July 2023.

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Apple Picking

Insuring Agritainment: Evolving solutions for a 200-year-old business

Insuring Agritainment: Evolving solutions for a 200-year-old business

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Challenging Road Ahead Teaser

Navigating the challenging road ahead for commercial auto insurers

Commercial auto insurers, challenged by the pandemic and inflation, can find guidance in innovations from other lines of business.

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Bop Blog Teaser

Preparing BOP programs for the coverage needs of a changing world

Shifting behavioral trends are changing the way insurers provide coverage for Businessowners (BOP).

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Iso Bop Teaser

A robust BOP ecosystem helps drive two small commercial growth stories

Starting a businessowners insurance policy program begins with understanding the opportunity and continues with gathering the components

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Iso Bop Teaser

Bringing a BOP program to market with comprehensive tools and support

The ISO businessowners policy program is ready out of the box to meet many carrier requirements

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Car Theft Rise Teaser

Car theft is on the rise. Here’s what Verisk data told us about it.

How we analyzed a TikTok challenge that encouraged car theft.

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Businessowners Program Teaser

It’s a good time for insurers to consider a businessowners program

Solutions to ease entry into the businessowners policy program market and sustain that business across the value chain.

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Press Releases

Blitz Tackles Growing Cannabis Insurance Market with Verisk Solutions

InsurTech startup Blitz is leveraging powerful underwriting insights, automated rating updates, and enhanced policy language from Verisk to help cannabis and other...

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Aurenity Leverages Verisk Solutions for Risk Insight and Pricing in E&S Market

Aurenity is continuing its expertise-led and technology-enabled build-out by licensing multiple underwriting and rating solutions from Verisk.

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Verisk Enhances ISO Businessowners Program to Help Carriers Rate Risk with Greater Accuracy in Evolving Business Climate

As the economy and workplace evolve with the growth of artisanal entrepreneurs, new technologies and gig economy side hustles, so have the exposures that insurers face.

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West Bend Mutual Insurance Company Accelerates its Underwriting with Verisk Solution

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company is transforming its underwriting and customer experience with the data and analytics of LightSpeed® Small Commercial from Verisk

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Verisk AI Leverages Yelp Data to Help Insurers Underwrite Small Commercial Risk

To help insurers serve the changing marketplace, Verisk is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and image analytics to generate insights...

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Utica National Accelerates Digital Transformation with Small Commercial Data and Analytics from Verisk

The member companies of the Utica National Insurance Group are accelerating the digital transformation of its underwriting process with an ecosystem of robust data...

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