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Xactimate Platform Comparison


The comparison table below outlines some of the key features that distinguish Xactimate's three platforms. Get access to all three with Xactimate Professional.

Recently added features

Desktop Online Mobile


Guided scoping, estimating, and audit for water mitigation, roof, and exterior projects. Create faster, more comprehensive estimates with fewer errors than ever before.

Multi-Object Recognition

Identify multiple contents items simply by moving your camera around a room. As the camera identifies objects, you will be able to tap on them to add items to your estimate.

Sketch AR

Use augmented reality to take direct-to-Sketch measurements from your mobile device. Just point and tap on each wall to sketch the room. You can also measure ceiling height, and add doors and halls in seconds. With a Lidar enabled Apple device, the process becomes even faster and more precise.

Suggested Items

Automatically receive line item suggestions in Xactimate mobile based on the loss type, trade/category, room type, and location.

All features

Desktop Online Mobile

3D Sketch

Use the 3D View tool to see a three-dimensional view of the structure in the Sketch workspace.

Assignment Workflow

The XactAnalysis network integrates with your workflow.

Attach Photos

Xactimate mobile allows users to take photos with their mobile device’s camera, and to manage, label and attach those photos to estimates. As estimates are transferred to the cloud and then opened using Xactimate platforms, the photos are transferred as well as a permanent part of the estimate record.

Automatic Updates

Cloud computing using the Xactimate Cloud means always using the latest version of Xactimate. Apply desktop and mobile updates when you are ready.


Never lose the work you’ve done on an estimate because of a computer failure.

Chat Support 24/7

Free chat support 24/7 every day of the year except Christmas and New Year's.

ClaimXperience Integration

Launch a ClaimXperience collaboration from Xactimate, and involve the policyholder in the claim.

Cloud Syncing via the Xactimate Cloud

Xactimate Professional users can access claims data from the Xactimate Cloud for use on all of Xactimate’s platforms.

Deck Estimating

Detailed deck calculations in seconds using Sketch.


Xactimate's built-in depreciation tables make it fast and easy to calculate depreciation.

Estimate Reports

Xactimate offers a huge array of estimate reports.

Exterior Surfaces

The Xactimate Exterior Surfaces feature lets you easily sketch exterior surface elements, such as exterior elevations, stepped foundations and roof walls  independently of interior rooms and roofs.

Fence Estimating

Even complex fences can be quickly drawn and detailed in Sketch.

Flood Forms

Xactimate flood forms match the latest NFIP reports.

Flooring Tool for Carpeting and Sheet Goods

The flooring tool allows estimators to accurately calculate the carpet or sheet goods (such as vinyl flooring) needed for a room or group of rooms.

Graphical Estimation

Visually estimate by clicking the areas of the floor plan where you want to place items.

Help System

Program instruction can be obtained by searching the Help System.


This feature will check for possible problems in an estimate.


Use macros, saved lists of line items that can be retrieved and added to a room with only a few keystrokes, to speed up the estimating process.

Labor Minimums

Effectively estimate with minimum charges using Labor Minimums.

Multi-Language Capability (English/Spanish/French/Dutch)

Xactimate Professional users can estimate and print reports in their choice of English, Spanish, French, or Dutch.

Price List Components

Each price list item contains the labor, material, and equipment components that make up the unit cost.

Price List Costs for New Construction

Price lists can show costs based on work in restoration, service, or remodeling environments or based on a new construction environment.

Price List Cost Management

Xactimate allows you to track cost changes as they occur in your estimates.

Price List Coverage

We publish monthly pricing data for more than 460 geographic regions on two continents.

Price List Information

Each price list includes detailed information about the price list item.

Price List Items for Green Construction

Price lists include items used in green construction as well as information about LEED standards.

Price List Labor Rates

Each price list includes labor rates for all specialists involved in restoration and repair work.

Price List Line Item Activities

When it applies, the unit costs in our price lists includes several possible “activities” including installation, tear-out, or detaching and resetting an item.


A profile is a unique configuration of Xactimate designed to fit the needs and standards of a specific company.

Reference Search

Illustrations that give you the ability to easily search for items and add them to the estimate.

Reprice an Estimate

Xactimate allows you to quickly and easily reprice estimates based on price list updates or new cost research.

Roof Waste

Take the guesswork out of calculating the amount of roofing material required for waste.


Sketch gives you the ability to create graphic representations of a property and use those representations to estimate repair costs.

Summary Estimating

Estimate multiple rooms or areas at the same time. You select all the rooms and enter the estimate item once.

Time-and-Material Estimating

Xactimate Professional users can estimate using time and materials with this feature that allows you to quickly access item labor, material, and equipment components and create an estimate using a tabbed-style interface.

Track Line Item Changes

When a line item is added or modified, Xactimate stores the name of the estimator who made the change.

Underwriting Checklist

The Underwriting Checklist guides estimators through a series of questions about the structure that can quickly be answered at the time the building is inspected.

SSO/Federated Login Support

Use one global ID for Xactimate desktop, online, and mobile platforms.

Change Report

Quickly identify changes made to an estimate.

Claims Reports

A wide range of reports to help you efficiently document and settle a claim.

Code Upgrade

Include and flag items in your estimate that will be required to repair a structure as required by current local ordinances and building codes.

Direct Supplier Integration

Launch Direct Supplier from Xactimate to source your supplies easily and locally.

Distribute Claim

Break up a large estimate into smaller parts and distribute parts of the estimate to other users within your instance as pricing tasks.

Order History

Users can see the order history and status of all third-party data updates for an  estimate. This can be viewed in the Project preview window and in the Claim Info tab.

Payment Tracker

Manage and track the actual-cash value and replacement-cost value payments made to the insured.

Price List Productivity or Yield
Our price lists come with the productivity or yield of the worker for each unit cost.

Restoration Manager® Project Management

Optional integrated job management tools help you stay on top of assignments, costs, scheduling, vendor interactions, and overall efficiency.

Project Merge

Merge multiple projects into a single project with this feature.

Properties for Construction Assemblies

Quickly estimate complex construction assemblies such as floor systems, roof systems, joist systems, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, decks, fences, and much more by using Xactimate properties.

Scenario or "What if?" Estimating

Scenario estimating allows you and your customers to easily ask "what if?" about an estimate and to quickly see the bottom-line impact.


Templates give you the option to make a copy of any sketch drawing and then reuse that in other estimates.

Valuations: Commercial, Agricultural, and More

Xactimate’s easy-to-use valuation tool has expanded to include commercial and agricultural structures, condominiums and manufactured homes.

Valuations: Residential

Xactimate’s easy-to-use valuation tool guides you through the process of determining the value of a home.

Vendor Exchange

Vendor Exchange allows users to communicate with and make requests from third-party vendors.

Work Orders

Create worksheets for subcontractors or in-house crews to define the work that needs to be completed on a project or job.

XactAnalysis Previous Loss Data Integration with ClaimSearch

Access previously uploaded Sketch information and loss data with this feature available within Xactimate estimates.

Third-Party Integration with Leica DISTO™ Laser Measuring Devices

Leica DISTO™ laser measuring devices integrate with Xactimate to enter precise measurements for a room directly into Sketch to make your estimating process faster and easier.

Inspector License

With the Xactimate Inspection Tool, you can give your employees just the specific functionality they need to perform proof of loss and preliminary inspections.

Maps and GPS

View maps of the property location and GPS coordinates.

Download the full Xactimate platform comparison.

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