The information source for insurance professionals

ISOnet® brings ISO's vast wealth of insurance information to you over the web.

With ISOnet—the information service for insurance professionals—you can easily locate current and historical ISO documents, eliminating the time you'd waste tracking down misplaced or filed copies. And ISOnet has powerful search features—plus user-friendly navigation and hypertext linking—to put a huge collection of ISO information right at your fingertips.

Because you have online access, you can reduce the costs associated with internal routing, paper duplication, mailroom processing, and storage. You also save the time and expense of filing paper copies and updating manuals.

ISOnet helps you unlock the gateway to a world of insurance information. That means real productivity gains and cost savings for your company.


Available services

ISOnet subscriptions are available for online access to all these products and services:

Underwriting and rating information

Data and statistical services

Claims information

  • ISO ClaimSearch® — The industry's only comprehensive system for improving claims processing and fighting fraud
  • Property Claim Services® (PCS®) — Technical information on catastrophes and related insurance losses
  • AIR Loss Estimates in Real Time (ALERT) — Up-to-date information and loss estimates for major natural catastrophes worldwide
  • more than 9,000 personal and commercial policy forms and endorsements
  • ISO circulars — New circulars issued daily, plus all circulars issued since 1995 (available to ISO participating insurers only)

Analytical information

  • ISO DataCube™ — A multidimensional approach to analyzing ISO's commercial lines data

Loss-control information

Regulatory compliance information

  • State Filing Handbook — Your complete source of information on state filing laws, regulations, and procedures
  • State Filing Forms — Online access to required filing forms for the whole country

Premium audit information

How to get access

ISOnet is available to registered users whose companies have subscribed to one or more ISOnet products. Subscriptions are available to insurers, agents, brokers, claims adjusters, and other insurance professionals.