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Respond MAP

Automatically know when policyholders are threatened by imminent storms, and triage damage severity before you commit resources.

Respond Map Award

Respond MAP has been named a winner of the 2023 BIG Innovation Award.

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Insights Of Gis System

The visual insights of a GIS system, plus the automation to make your job easier

Respond MAP™ delivers a visualized weather command center you can access from your phone, tablet, or computer—with live weather updates when impactful weather events are on their way.


Everything you need to triage weather-event severity

Hail probability. Wind speed. Storm direction and date of event. Respond MAP gives you the insights you need to know to prioritize incoming claims at FNOL and assign appropriate resources for efficient claims handling.


Access from anywhere you have an internet connection

Log in to Verisk Respond MAP to customize your visible data and see exactly the insights you need to analyze storm severity and plan your response.

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When every moment matters, manual triage slows you down.

Decisions make or break your storm response. You need to allocate resources, reach out to affected policyholders, and ensure the right people are in position to handle the event. Manually reviewing projected storm severity and determining affected policyholders slows you down.

Storms-a-brewin? Automatically know how bad and who’s under it.

Streamline your storm response using parameters like wind speed, missing roof material, and number of affected policyholders to assess projected severity, affected regions, and at-risk policyholders.

Seeing is knowing: Connect Respond MAP to your imagery database

GIC members can connect and ingest their property imagery through Respond MAP to contextualize and visualize their affected policies in force with aerial imagery.

With Respond MAP, insurance professionals can efficiently and rapidly:

  • Assess damage
  • Prepare progress reports to senior management
  • Proactively contact insureds
  • Determine which insureds to contact/visit first
  • Assign losses
  • Prepare advance settlement payments
  • Determine which losses can be desk adjusted vs need inspection

Using Respond MAP: A weather event play-by-play

Before the storm


Before the storm

Respond MAP weather data begins to project the hurricane’s path so you can evaluate risk to pay for expected losses.

Respond MAP:

  • Displays weather data in an online viewing platform over a geographical map
  • Displays policies-in-force and property locations
  • Helps you position resources and set aside resources

During and after the storm

Storm Damage To Homes

During and after the storm

Respond MAP delivers live weather updates so you know when a storm changes direction or increases in severity.

Respond MAP:

  • Uses AI to analyze post-event images and assess damage resulting from event
  • Incorporates high-res aerial post-event imagery

Hail Impact Energy:

Hail Impact Energy provides a hail variable that is more predictive of hail claims than hail size alone.

This type of modeling provides a value that correlates more highly with hail claim likelihood and will enable better decision making around event response as well as the ability to anticipate where hail claims are likely to be filed, opening more opportunities for pro-active policyholder outreach.

Get data such as:

  • The number of hail stone falling
  • Event duration
  • Density/hardness of the hail stones

Tornado Probability:

Tornado Probability provides a first indication as to where tornadoes may have occurred and the probability that a tornado has impacted a particular area.

Now, insurers can quickly assess the possible extent of impact shortly after the event which can aid in a variety of post-event business decisions from assessing possible losses to the business portfolio, to targeting specific outreach to impacted policyholders.  

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