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Respond MAP for Supply Chain

When weather events threaten supplies, know how much product you need to stock and locate to match the demand.

When every moment matters, understanding the storm impacts your ability to respond.

Decisions make or break your ability to position your resources and supplies in response to catastrophe events. You need to allocate products, plan transportation routes, and ensure the right quantities are delivered at the right time to the right customers. Quickly get access to the storm’s severity and determine affected regions to respond quickly to changes in weather patterns and impacts.

Storms-a-brewin’? Know how bad and what product failures should go to warranty or insurance coverage.

To help customers get the resolution they need, streamline your product response with the right set of data to determine the frequency and severity of product failures to know what’s covered under warranty programs or what needs to be deferred to the appropriate insurance coverage.

Learn more about Respond MAP.

Information center

Insights Of Gis System

The visual insights of a GIS system to make your job easier

Respond MAP™ delivers a visualized weather command center you can access from your phone, tablet, or computer—with live weather updates when impactful weather events are projected to impact facilities, supply chains, and transportation routes.


Correlate weather-event severity and location to supply management

Hail probability. Wind speed. Storm direction and date of the event. Respond MAP gives you the insights you need to know to prioritize which construction materials and products to position to support affected regions.


Simple to use

You can access Respond MAP from any device with a web browser. Log in to the Verisk Geospatial Dashboard, customize your visible data, and see exactly the insights you need to analyze storm severity and plan your response.

Seeing is knowing: Respond MAP connects to imagery sources

Visualize and contextualize affected regions and properties with aerial imagery.

With Respond MAP, supply chains can efficiently and rapidly:

  • Determine impacted service areas by peril severity and proximity to manufacturing, wholesale, and retail outlets
  • Forecast demand and determine materials and products to stock
  • Revise travel and transportation routes to maintain logistics integrity
  • Discern between product warranty or insurance coverage
  • Provide precise location-based information for the safety of staff

Using Respond MAP: A weather event play-by-play

Before the storm

Doppler Map

Before the storm

Respond MAP weather data begins to project the storm’s path so you can evaluate material and product needs based on potential damage or actual damage to the properties in the region.

Respond MAP:

  • Displays weather data in an online viewing platform over a geographical map
  • Displays your locations of interest including warehouses, truck routes, and stores
  • View high-res aerial pre-event imagery

During and after the storm

Aerial Imagery Post Storm

During and after the storm

Respond MAP delivers live weather updates so you know when a storm changes direction or increases in severity.

Respond MAP:

  • Uses AI to analyze post-event images and assess damage resulting from the event
  • View high-res aerial post-event imagery

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