Knowing whether a building is sprinklered is only part of the total risk picture. You also need to know if the sprinkler system can adequately protect the property and how it affects the building’s loss cost. Verisk’s Sprinkler Assessment Report provides an easy-to-understand engineering assessment of the effectiveness and loss reduction capabilities of a sprinkler system, at a glance. You get the insight you need for loss control, risk assessment, reinsurance, and maintaining a competitive edge.

The Sprinkler Assessment Report is an objective engineering review that gives you accurate estimates of the sprinkler system’s ability to contain fire spread for the specific hazards of occupants in the building. It’s a straightforward analysis that identifies whether sprinklers are effectively designed and maintained at a location. We grade the automated sprinkler system on a scale of 1 to 100 based on our SCOPES (Specific Commercial Property Evaluation Schedule) national engineering schedule, which uses National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.



Fire loss estimates

The ProMetrix® commercial property database contains the high-quality, field-verified data needed to calculate accurate loss estimates. We provide two model loss estimates to let you judge the effectiveness of the sprinkler system in mitigating economic loss to a building and its occupants.

Type I Loss is an estimate of the largest loss that a building or occupant is likely to suffer because of a fire, assuming critical protection systems function as expected. Type I Loss is expressed as a percentage of the building’s value. Type II Loss is an estimate of the largest fire loss likely to occur, assuming the most important protection system fails.

Type I and Type II Loss percentages depend on many factors, including:

  • Construction materials of the building
  • Combustibility of contents
  • Susceptibility of contents (likelihood of damage from fire, smoke, and water)
  • Private and public fire protection

For example, in a fire-resistive building with a fire division wall between each occupant, chances are the entire building wouldn’t burn if a fire broke out. In a building without adequate protection features, a single occurrence might cause a significant loss with a high probability that both the building and its occupants would experience extensive damage. Low-risk occupants, such as flower and pet shops, can experience severe losses even in small, quickly extinguished fires.



The value of a Sprinkler Assessment Report in underwriting

Uniform and accurate estimates of losses help you:

  • Understand the extent of the risk and manage it better through hazard and loss analyses
  • Meet company underwriting guidelines
  • Decide whether you want to insure a risk
  • Assess economic loss to the property
  • Determine the amount of reinsurance needed and satisfy reinsurance requirements

Web delivery through ProMetrix

You can order Sprinkler Assessment Reports for commercial properties located throughout the country. You get easy-to-read reports that you can print or download as XML data sets. You can search for a match from approximately 3.5 million buildings and 6 million businesses occupying those buildings.

ProMetrix gives you ordering flexibility. You can order a Sprinkler Assessment Report separately or with a Building Underwriting Report or Underwriters Advantage.


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