Calculate customer quotes faster

Speed to market with accurate pricing is vital. You need to underwrite and quote coverage fast, or you’ll lose out to the competition. The loss cost, rating, and risk selection information available through our ProMetrix® suite of services lets you price policies accurately and get quotes to customers quickly.

The Full Picture for Commercial Property Underwriting

Assessing underlying risks and hidden exposures is crucial in the competitive and evolving commercial property market. Verisk — a trusted partner backed by decades of insurance expertise — leverages on-site inspections, aerial imagery, computer modeling, and proprietary data to give insurers the full spectrum of information required to correctly price commercial property policies.


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ProMetrix overview

ProMetrix provides new risk insights, analytics, and modeling capability designed with accuracy and flexibility in mind — to give you a competitive edge and help serve your customers better.

Our ProMetrix commercial property database is a comprehensive source of underwriting and rating data with more than 12.2 million commercial buildings and 26 million businesses in the United States plus related analytics. Verisk field analysts — trained to identify loss exposures and provide unbiased professional assessments — gather accurate, high-quality building information during on-site surveys. That information feeds into our rapidly growing database, which includes data from visits to approximately 350,000 commercial buildings every year.

Accessing ProMetrix

You can access ProMetrix information through our online report-ordering system or through the ProMetrix API (application program interface) — an automated host-to-host connection between our property database and your underwriting systems. The next generation of ProMetrix offers reformatted reports, improved services, and streamlined delivery.

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The system also includes:

  • “What if” scenarios for modeling the effect of risk improvement actions on loss cost
  • Google maps with new property search capabilities
  • a new metric defining the value of a sprinkler system with a real-time sprinkler grading
  • A Relative Hazard Percentile on a detailed scale that evaluates a building and provides comparisons to similar buildings at a glance
  • A more efficient ordering process that shortens the time spent entering information
  • Order history and electronic feedback for user support

ProMetrix online underwriting reports

You get a variety of online underwriting reports, including:

  • Building Fundamentals — photos, property characteristics, LOCATION® data, business information, and an analytic tool that verifies the accuracy of information in municipal tax assessor databases about construction, square footage, and number of stories
  • Building Underwriting Report — detailed information collected on-site about the characteristics of individual buildings, wind-specific and LOCATION data, aerial imagery, and a Relative Hazard Percentile that compares your subject risk against the average profile of similar structures in ProMetrix state and countrywide databases
  • Enhanced Wind Rating Program — enhanced wind (BG II) loss costs; building construction; roof, wall, and framework details; environment and exposure information; and wind loss history for eligible properties in the ProMetrix database
  • Estimated Loss Cost Quote Report — estimates of loss costs for class-rated and specifically rated properties not in the ProMetrix database or that have had an occupant change; capability to modify results to reflect changes in Public Protection Classification (PPC®) and sprinkler grading score
  • LOCATION Reports — the most accurate GIS-based property and hazard information related to a risk address
  • Loss Cost Quote Report — Rating Plan/BG I Construction/Protection (RCP) and Rating Plan/BG II Construction/BCEGS® classification (RCB) codes, BG I and BG II loss costs, and Commercial Statistical Plan (CSP) class codes — for class-rated and specifically rated properties and for properties with additional Class Insight
  • Peril and Incident Report – provides a historical record of reported fire and gas emergency incidents and non-modeled weather events to help identify the likelihood of a future adverse event.
  • PhotoPak® — street-level and aerial photographs of commercial buildings and information from Verisk’s LOCATION databases, including territories, Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS), wind, and crime
  • Sprinkler Assessment Report — an easy-to-understand assessment at a glance of the effectiveness and loss reduction capabilities of a sprinkler system for buildings and occupants in the ProMetrix database
  • Property Details Report — a street-level, exterior-only survey of a building, combined with aerial photos, Relative Hazard Percentile, detailed LOCATION data, business information, and public records data that includes property characteristics
  • Rating Survey Detail Report — details on how we calculate loss costs for commercial properties, including the charges and credits applied (similar to the Building Underwriting Report)
  • Relative Hazard Percentile ― a comparison of similar buildings using an objective engineering formula to evaluate a building’s construction, occupancy, protection, and exposure risks relative to state and national averages
  • Risk Engineering Utility ― allows you to identify remediable deficiencies in a building that affect loss cost and model the revised loss cost with the assumption that the deficiency was corrected
  • Risk Improvement Recommendations — observed building and occupancy hazards and an optional function to generate an estimated loss cost based on addressing those hazards
  • Roof Underwriting Report — leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, this report provides key roof data points, including: condition, age, cover material, type/geometry, and solar panels
  • 360Value® Commercial — estimates of the replacement value of your commercial property combining ProMetrix data with expertise from Xactware and AIR Worldwide
  • Underwriters Advantage — property-specific data from a variety of ProMetrix reports, including building, occupancy, fire protection, and wind information; estimated replacement cost; wildfire risk; and flood risk

Address search options

ProMetrix gives you many flexible ways to find an address or occupant. If you know the ISO Risk ID number, just key it in. If not, enter the address or part of the address. The more information you provide, the more likely the search will find your location. To find a specific occupant, you can search by business name or type of business.

ProMetrix benefits include:

  • Reducing the unit cost of data with licensed-based ordering — information you can use at every stage of your underwriting process
  • Providing automated API access for all your commercial property business needs
  • Providing seamless data integration and ease of use
  • Reducing manual data entry and streamlining the underwriting process
  • Providing continued access to new products and services as your needs require — customized for the way you do business
  • Giving customers better rates that accurately reflect their coverage and replacement costs