$4.5 billion in premium
leakage in just one category—misclassification—for commercial property insurers over four years

In today’s quickly evolving, highly competitive commercial property market, you must move with speed and accuracy to grow profitably and efficiently.

Underwriters need reliable data, but distributors and customers want things fast. How do you meet expectations and still shield your business from the effects of poor data?

Speed AND accuracy

To underwrite and price a policy properly, you need accurate, reliable data and analytics across a wide spectrum of building characteristics and property exposures. The ProMetrix® solution provides reports, prefill, aerial imagery, on-site surveys, and more—the robust data and analytics you likely need.


The advantage of robust data

ProMetrix includes data and analytics for more than 7 million commercial buildings—with 3.7 million site-verified and more information added every year.

Actionable Information

Aerial imagery

Verisk's high-resolution aerial imagery can give you the detail you need to price your commercial policies accurately and get quotes to customers quickly.

Automated loss histories

Customers want fast decisions, but underwriters need accurate data to price policies properly. With A-PLUS™ Commercial automated loss histories, you can have both speed and accuracy.

Fast, efficient, supported implementation

Onboarding challenges are a frequent insurer concern, but the ProMetrix onboarding process is fast, efficient, and dynamically supported, helping you realize the results of your investment now.

Commercial property insurance insight meets aerial imagery expertise

Traditional underwriting and rating capabilities are being amplified by leveraging powerful aerial imagery technologies offered through Geomni, Verisk’s geospatial business unit.