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Pricing Data Services: Independently Researched

A current, local pricing database

Localized Pricing Database

A current, local pricing database

We research and report on pricing data from a variety of sources to ensure that no one party or industry has any undue influence on the pricing data we provide. Our Pricing Data Service Team reports cost information based on actual prices and transactions (completed bids) that have occurred recently in your area.

Our pricing sources include:

  • General contractors
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Insurance carriers
  • Market surveys
  • Retailers
  • Subcontractors
  • Suppliers

Verisk’s Pricing Data Research for labor, materials and more

Verisk Pricing Reports

Verisk’s Pricing Data Research for labor, materials and more

Verisk updates pricelists every month for more than 460 regions across the United States and Canada. We compile our discoveries into a comprehensive monthly report detailing changes in major categories, shifts in lumber markets, fluctuations in gasoline prices, and additional insights

Our research methodology

We rigorously collect, carefully analyze, and consistently share the results of our materials and labor pricing research.

We analyze millions of market price points each year from multiple, third-party sources.

  • Thousands of in-field estimates submitted through Verisk every day (i.e., estimates used to settle claims)
  • Market surveys of industry professionals
  • Retail pricing research
  • Unit-price research based on surveys with over 100,000 contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and equipment rental companies
  • Pricing feedback from in-field users
  • Customer-specific cost data
  • Catastrophe-specific pricing research
  • Additional research surveys
  • Multiple third-party sources for data, such as worker’s comp, federal taxes, state taxes, and local taxes

All collected market research is organized so that data integrity checks can be conducted.

We perform proprietary cluster analysis on various subsets of gathered research to identify the mid-range market price points. This proprietary process was designed by Brigham Young University PhDs.

Market research results are published and made available to the public.

Verisk building cost data

Time And Materials

Time and materials cost

  • More than 50,000 providers of materials, equipment, and labor
  • More than 290,000 survey points each year

Analysis of actual damage repair estimates

  • More than 5 million estimates each year
  • More than 13 million data points each month

Direct surveys of construction markets

  • Restoration/remodeling/new construction
  • General contractors and sub-contractors
  • Over 7,300 survey points each month

Verisk contents pricing data

Real-time product data feeds

  • More than 100 major national retail chains
  • Current tax rates and depreciation rates
  • Weekly published updates for replacement pricing data

The largest contents database in the industry

  • Millions of vendor-specific items
  • Over 300,000 discontinued items
  • 8,000 general quote (good/better/best) items

Our goal? Report on cost information reflective of actual market prices

Report On Cost

Our goal? Report on cost information reflective of actual market prices

Reliable, consistent pricing unifies the industry and keeps everyone on the same page.

Verisk pricing data:

  • Is researched and published monthly in the US and Canada
  • Reduces the time it takes to research and negotiate pricing for individual items
  • Maintains objectivity through independent research and validation
  • Breaks down material and labor costs into detailed components

We research and report on structural repair and cleaning cost information for more than 500 geographic regions in the US and Canada.

How to submit pricing data feedback

Customer feedback and pricing recommendations are a crucial part of our annual pricing research. Your insights into local material and labor pricing are invaluable.

  • Information from estimates that are returned to XactAnalysis is automatically included in our pricing database. The feedback utility only collects information from completed estimates.
  • (US)
  • (English-speaking Canada)
  • (French-speaking Canada)
  • Please provide information such as name and company information, the city in question, the line item in question, the price to be reviewed, and contact information for contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, and others who can verify the price submitted.

Watch an Xactimate pricing feedback tutorial


Xactimate Xpert Tip: How to Provide Pricing Feedback for Xactimate

Watch an Xactimate pricing feedback tutorial

Learn how to influence local and national pricing data.

Verisk pricing data powers the ecosystem

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