Class codes for commercial lines

ISO's Multi-Line Class Table Database is a fast and efficient electronic system that helps you determine the correct class codes to use in rating and coding commercial lines policies.

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An important change in the CLM

ISO is replacing the combined Commercial Lines Classification Table with individual line-of-insurance classification tables. Each line-of-insurance rules manual will now contain monoline classification information for the relevant line. Tables will be available for:

  • Commercial property
  • Crime and fidelity
  • General liability
  • Commercial package policy

These streamlined monoline tables will let you more easily identify classifications by line of business. And you'll reduce the amount of filing coordination necessary to implement revisions—allowing for quicker reaction to changes.

You'll still get the combined information you need

Just like the combined Commercial Lines Classification Table you're accustomed to using, the electronic Multi-Line Class Table provides classification information for commercial property, crime and fidelity, general liability, and commercial package policy. At the heart of the Multi-Line Class Table is an online database that provides information by line, state, and effective date for each classification code. But the database also delivers much more.

commercial lines classification table.png

With the electronic Multi-Line Class Table Database on ISOnet you'll:

  • Search by code, description, or keyword — to locate the classification information for all four lines of insurance
  • Expedite the process of looking up state exceptions without looking through multiple sources — because we've built exceptions directly into the database
  • See the footnote information next to the classification information
  • Know you're viewing the correct, up-to-date information for the jurisdiction and date
  • Receive speedy updates — have access to the new information as soon as ISO makes a change