Verisk Acquires Franco Signor

Our new acquisition enables ISO Claims Partners to offer the most comprehensive suite of fully integrated Medicare compliance solutions and the nation’s top Medicare experts all under one roof.

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Mitigate compliance costs of Medicare and Medicaid liens

The ISO Claims Partners team of legal and medical experts has developed a broad range of conditional payment services regarding the U.S. Department of Treasury, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid to facilitate seamless, worry-free compliance while reducing costs.

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Medicaid Recovery: Five things you need to know

Insurers have been meeting the challenges of Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance for a while, but increasingly the demands of the other M”—Medicaid—also need attention. Read this detailed article to learn the full scope of advancements in Medicaid recovery, and learn what this means for your organization.

Conditional Payment Services

Our experts can work to reduce Medicare’s demands for reimbursement of conditional payment claims. From investigating to consulting, we take a “whole claim” approach to challenging unwarranted Medicare demands.

In 2019, our dispute efforts resulted in nearly $60 million in savings

Automate the Section 111 conditional payment process for complete MSP compliance

CP Link® is integrated into your Section 111 data reporting system, and it automatically identifies Medicare beneficiaries and initiates the Medicare conditional payment compliance process. Since every claim is checked, compliance gaps are reduced to assure full CMS compliance.

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Identify conditional payment exposure early in the process

When insurance carriers and self-insureds identify claims that qualify for conditional payment investigations before Medicare does, they can control the conditional payment process better. CP Link streamlines investigating risk and helps eliminate exposure.

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CP Link improves results of CMS compliance

  • 91% reduction in conditional payment disputes
  • 70% of conditional payments reduced to ZERO when dispute is engaged
  • Provides full insight/visibility (risk, efficacy, success)
  • Saves time and conserves adjuster resources
  • Maximizes cost mitigation
  • Shifts complex and complicated processes to expert MSP personnel

91% average reduction in conditional payment disputes, when a dispute is engaged

Winning conditional payment disputes with CMS

Since CP Link identifies all potential Medicare recovery exposure, there’s a tremendous opportunity to mitigate or eliminate these expenditures. Through CP Link, ISO Claims Partners challenges all charges that have a basis to be disputed or appealed, and we achieve reductions in conditional payments more than 91% of the time.

In 70 percent of disputes, conditional payments are reduced to zero

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U.S. Department of Treasury Services

Insurers can better identify and respond to U.S. Treasury collection efforts when partnered with the legal and medical experts at ISO Claims Partners. We’ll manage demands and fight to mitigate your exposure. Clients saved over $1.4 million on disputes with the U.S. Department of the Treasury in 2019.

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Medicare Advantage Plan (MAP) Services

Insurers can better navigate the complex world of Medicare Advantage Plans with help from ISO Claims Partners. Our experts continually monitor legal precedent in Medicare Advantage Plan cases to provide the most strategic path for your business.

In 2019, insurer clients saved nearly $100,000 in Medicare Advantage Plan disputes

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Medicaid Compliance Services

Protect your bottom line while staying compliant with Medicaid recovery in relevant states.

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Section 111 Reporting

Accurate Medicare reporting lets insurers comply with ease

Medicare Compliance and Reporting

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