ISO Suite Plus

Insurance Manuals, Forms, and More on CD-ROM



If your company writes commercial insurance, ISO's Commercial Lines Manual (CLM) and policy forms are probably the foundation on which you build your programs. But perhaps you modify ISO's manuals and forms to serve your competitive strategies, adding your own proprietary material and selecting your own effective dates.

Whether you use ISO material as provided — or modify it to suit your needs — ISO Suite+™ can improve the way you manage and distribute insurance information in your organization.

ISO Suite+ is a full reference library, including the complete information in the CLM. You start with initial information delivered on CD-ROM. Then you get weekly updates through the Internet, so you know you're always using the most current information.

And ISO Suite+ lets you combine your company-specific material with ISO's to publish your own integrated electronic manuals and forms. ISO Suite+ increases your productivity, reduces the cost of distributing information, and puts you in command of your information system.

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Here's what you get

ISO Suite+ brings you complete information from ISO's Commercial Lines Manual:

  • State and multistate rules, loss costs, and forms for all ISO commercial lines of business
  • The classification table
  • Rating plans
  • ISO Community Classifications, including evaluations of the fire-fighting capabilities and building-code enforcement of individual communities

You also get the terrorism supplement and the Inland Marine Handbook.

Powerful and easy to use

ISO Suite+ has powerful search features that help you find the information you need — fast. Using the ISO Suite+ Selection Panel, you simply select a line of business, state, and effective date of a policy. A powerful filter scans the ISO Suite+ database and in one window displays all the applicable state and multistate rules, loss costs, policy forms, and endorsements. There's no need to open multiple manuals or switch among screens. And with the built-in links, you can jump instantly from rules to forms and to related information.

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Simultaneous access for everyone on your network

With ISO Suite+, you can provide easy, simultaneous intranet or Internet access to everyone in your office. And you don't have to worry about using out-of-date information, because you get weekly updates through ISOnet®, the information service for insurance professionals.

And if you want to modify the ISO material

ISO Suite+ also contains powerful, user-friendly software that lets you edit, annotate, and distribute information customized to your own operational requirements. You can author and edit your own material and integrate it with the ISO material at the level of individual rules, loss costs, and policy forms. You can date-stamp the ISO material with your own effective dates. You can even set defaults to date-stamp ISO material at intervals you specify, which can be different for each of your organizational units.

Your ISO Suite+ customized manuals will be ready for your field staff, regional operations centers, and agents to view. There's even an option to restrict the view of publishers, lines of business, and states based on the user's login.