Is your auto pricing leaving premium on the table?

Powerful predictive analytics combined with highly granular data can help price auto risks with laser precision.

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Classify, segment, and price with confidence

ISO Risk Analyzer® Personal Auto provides sophisticated pricing refinement you can incorporate into your underwriting and rating, or supplement your own models for precise, customized segmentation.

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Environmental Module

Examine environmental indicators that can affect personal auto risks based on garaging location. The module evaluates the interactive effects of hundreds of variables to provide more refined estimates of advisory predictive loss costs by major coverage. The predictive model also provides insights on what environmental factors are influencing losses by providing frequency and severity information for the following components:

Traffic generators

Traffic composition

Traffic density and driving patterns

Weather and terrain

Experience and trend

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Vehicle Symbols

ISO Risk Analyzer Personal Auto Symbols combine the predictive power of hundreds of vehicle attributes into a compact symbol representation to better determine and price personal auto risks. Hundreds of uniquely defined symbols are available for both liability and physical damage. Individual coverages are outlined below:


Liability Symbols

  • Bodily injury (BI)
  • Property damage (PD)
  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Medical payments (MP)
  • Single limit liability

Physical Damage Symbols

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive

Driver History Module

See how an individual’s driving history and characteristics can affect your rating factors and the premium you charge. The module enables you to:

  • see interactive effects of violation and claim surcharges with driver attributes
  • capture the effect of aging violations and claims
  • assign different surcharges by coverage

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