A suite of predictive modeling tools

The ISO Risk Analyzer® suite of predictive modeling tools offers robust modules to help you classify, segment, and price your personal auto insurance risks with confidence. The modules provide output you can use as stand-alone analytics or as an enhancement to your current modeling solution.

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Environmental Module V2

Using predictive modeling to examine environmental indicators that can affect personal auto risks, the ISO Risk Analyzer Personal Auto Environmental Module can predict expected losses for your risks at the policy level by major coverage. You simply input the garaging address of each risk, and the environmental module analyzes the interactive effects of hundreds of variables.

Vehicle Module for Physical Damage

ISO Risk Analyzer Personal Auto Vehicle Module for Physical Damage is a powerful analytic tool that uses vehicle characteristics to predict collision and comprehensive losses at a highly refined level. The vehicle module for physical damage represents a significant evolution in the development of vehicle symbols and vehicle rating.

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Vehicle Module for Liability

The ISO Risk Analyzer® Personal Auto Vehicle Module for Liability is a predictive analytic tool that can help you refine your personal auto rating with new liability symbols and components in finer detail down to the vehicle level—not just the vehicle series level—for model years 1981 to the present.

Driver History Module

The ISO Risk Analyzer Personal Auto Driver History module is a sophisticated analytic tool you can use to get even more value out of ISO's Personal Auto Multistate Class Plan. With the driver history module, you can see firsthand how an individual's driving record and other characteristics can affect your rating factors and, ultimately, the premium you charge.

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ISO Advanced Rating Toolkit™ for Personal Auto

(Available to participating ISO customers)

The ISO Advanced Rating Toolkit for personal auto is a comprehensive bundled offering of ISO's sophisticated pricing refinement tools. Powered by the predictive analytic capabilities of ISO Risk Analyzer, the complementary collection of rating tools within the ISO Advanced Rating Toolkit enables you to derive even more value from ISO's personal auto products and take your pricing refinement efforts to new levels.

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