How granular is your pricing data?

With sophisticated predictive modeling and refined by-peril ratings, you can hone your homeowners pricing like never before.

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By-peril ratings provide deeper insights

ISO Risk Analyzer® Homeowners uses predictive modeling to examine hundreds of indicators that can affect your risk and predict the non-catastrophe portion of expected losses at the policy level by peril.

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Environmental and By-Peril Rating Factors Modules

Determine expected losses by major peril. The Environmental Module pinpoints risk at the address level, analyzing the interactive effects of hundreds of variables that contribute to expected losses. The perils examined are:

  • Water (weather)
  • Water (non-weather)
  • Liability
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Theft and Vandalism
  • Lightning
  • Hail
  • Other Property Damage

Additionally, the By-Peril Rating Factor Module provides rating relativities by individual peril for several important homeowners rating factors. Combining the two modules, insurers have increased flexibility and the ability to perform by-peril analysis.

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Building Characteristics Module

Homes in the same rating territory with similar characteristics can have different risk profiles. Analyze property-specific features and construction variables to project refined loss cost relativities by peril and develop more accurate premiums.

*Available through 360Value® replacement cost estimator