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Combine detailed datasets and predictive analytics to drive your commercial auto business forward.


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ISO Risk Analyzer® Commercial Auto leverages granular data in predictive modeling tools to help you better price your risks.

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Environmental Module

The Environmental Module for ISO Risk Analyzer Commercial Auto provides granular geographic loss cost analysis for

  • local/intermediate trucks, tractors, and trailers (TTT)
  • private passenger types (PPT)

The predictive model examines environmental indicators that can affect commercial auto risks by evaluating the interactive effects of hundreds of variables to provide more refined estimates of future losses at the address level for liability, collision, and other than collision. The model provides output on the following components:

Traffic generators

Traffic composition

Traffic density and driving patterns

Weather and terrain

Experience and trend

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Vehicle Symbols

With ISO Risk Analyzer Commercial Auto Symbols, insurers can gain greater insight into risk factors associated with vehicles they insure. There are over one hundred uniquely defined symbols and associated relativities, derived through advanced modeling of industry loss data, to aid in critical pricing decisions. The analytics consider a wealth of vehicle characteristics underpinning risk on vehicles ranging from extra heavy truck-tractors to private passenger types. Classify, segment, and price risks with confidence. Symbols are available for liability and physical damage coverages:

  • Liability
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive