How can you improve the profitability of your businessowners book?

With sophisticated predictive modeling and advanced analytics, you can price small business risks more accurately, retain good risks, and help boost your bottom line.

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Price BOP risks with confidence

ISO Risk Analyzer® Businessowners uses predictive modeling to examine hundreds of indicators to predict expected losses on a by-peril basis at granular geographies. As a result, insurers can more accurately price small business risks.

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Environmental and By-Peril Rating Factors Modules

The Environmental Module examines expected losses by major perils, shown below. The granular predictive model uses location-specific data to pinpoint a risk’s characteristics by analyzing the interactive effects of hundreds of possible variables that contribute to expected losses:

  • Fire and Lightning
  • Wind and Hail
  • Theft and Vandalism
  • Water and Other Property
  • Liability

Additionally, the By-Peril Rating Factors Module provides rating relativities by individual peril for several important businessowners rating elements. Combining the two modules, insurers have increased flexibility and the ability to perform a by-peril analysis.

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