A stronger foundation powered by granular data and predictive analytics

ISO Risk Analyzer® is a suite of predictive models to help classify, segment, and price insurance risks. The modules predict expected losses at a refined level according to each risk’s characteristics.

Insurers get rating intelligence tools covering:

ISO Risk Analyzer predictive models.jpg

Use it how you need it

ISO Risk Analyzer predictive models can be used to:

  • enhance your current rating plan
  • develop new territory and classification definitions
  • feed custom modeling efforts using the detailed output

Pricing with the Power of Predictive Analytics: ISO Risk Analyzer

Learn how ISO Risk Analyzer modules can help enhance rating methodologies with an array of risk characteristics.

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“[ISO Risk Analyzer Commercial Auto] offers sophisticated analysis to evaluate auto risks with more accuracy and to discover new opportunities to improve our position within the marketplace.”
— ISO Risk Analyzer review from a top 50 U.S. property/casualty insurer