Discover the power of predictive analytics

ISO Risk Analyzer® is a suite of predictive models that help you classify, segment, and price your insurance risks. These powerful analytic tools examine hundreds of indicators and predict expected losses at the policy level by major coverage or peril. Leveraging the data and predictive modeling expertise of ISO and data from external sources, ISO Risk Analyzer provides sophisticated pricing refinement in one powerful set of tools.

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The ISO Risk Analyzer suite currently offers pricing segmentation tools for:

Analytic expertise

To develop the analytic and predictive capabilities of ISO Risk Analyzer, ISO brought together some of the top minds in:

  • Statistical modeling
  • Actuarial science
  • Data management
  • Information technology
  • And many other disciplines

Those experts applied their combined knowledge to develop decision-support tools that can pinpoint a risk's characteristics based on the street address and attributes of the home or vehicle. You get risk evaluations based on the most relevant and predictive insurance risk factors.

You can use the output of the ISO Risk Analyzer models as stand-alone analytics to help classify, segment, and price your insurance risks with confidence. Or you can use the models' detailed output to enhance your current analytic solution to better meet your objectives.