Data management and statistical reporting are serious business.

Costs can soar to 5X

Incomplete or inaccurate reporting and noncompliance can threaten your bottom line. These costs can soar to 5x what it would cost to get it right the first time.


Discover the ISO Preferred Data Partnership – a better way to report your statistical data.


10%+ of insurers’ IT budgets are spent on regulatory compliance—staff analyzing requirements and change implementation.


40% of insurers aren’t satisfied with their IT capabilities for statistical reporting and data calls.


50 states have their own reporting requirements for insurers, which often change.


Saving time and money

Fewer resources devoted to collecting, reviewing, and preparing data for reports

Streamlined reporting

Fewer steps from data to report

Increased compliance

Lower potential for fines from state regulators


Proper data management can lead to time and money savings, streamlined reporting, and increased compliance.

Source: Novarica Research Partners Program Report: Strategic Technology Issues in Regulatory/ISO Compliance for P&C Insurers

Key Differentiators of PDP

Extensive regulatory-reporting experience and support lowers your reporting overhead

ISO’s technology framework enable scalable delivery

Timely, efficient reporting and quality standards

Leverage ISO partnership

Not a one-size-fits-all solution—ISO will produce a customized data processing and build-out for our insurer partner

After joining PDP:

say they experience benefits from working with our PDP staff

of our customers see an immediate cost reduction

Source: Data on file, ISO

What PDP customers say

"Moving the majority of our ISO submission workflow to PDP streamlines our use of ISO web-based applications to accomplish the submissions, and that added time savings is used to focus on data quality and system testing of data reporting changes."

-Carl Christiansen, CIDM
Vice President, Statistical
Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Management (U.S.A.), Inc.

Streamline how you manage and report data

An end-to-end solution

ISO compiles, aggregates, maps, and submits statistical reports on your behalf.

Quality output

ISO helps with data validation for use in regulatory reports and analyses. Rules and reasonability checks are used to improve data quality.


Use skilled customer outreach where self-reporting or other concerns call for validation.

Consultative and customizable

Get flexible, tailored reporting solutions and training from ISO’s dedicated team of data managers and scientists, subject-matter experts, and actuaries.

A better way to report your statistical data

The ISO Preferred Data Partnership helps you more fully unlock the business potential of your company’s data.

Data management and reporting made easy

The ISO Preferred Data Partnership can help you address the challenges of data management and reporting. Benefits may include:

  • Ease of use – (Non-core essential activity)
  • Reduced overhead of data management processes and reporting
  • Lower cost of submissions and compliance
  • Improved accuracy, quality, and timeliness
  • Transfer of ISO statistical reporting and ongoing maintenance overhead

Start-ups face unique challenges

Data management and statistical reporting can be challenging for start-ups and acquisitions. They must comply with regulatory reporting requirements while establishing a new business.

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