Zoom in on loss costs by line, risk, and territory

The ISO portal is an easy-to-use online dashboard that can zoom in on loss costs and rating factors and help you make more informed pricing decisions. The portal, designed for the excess and surplus (E&S) and reinsurance markets, provides multiple views of loss costs and serves as a “mini rating engine” for 17 different lines of insurance. Data from the portal can be downloaded into Microsoft® Access, or exported into Microsoft® Excel or a PDF.

The portal offers several views of loss costs and rating factors:

  • A heat map – a graphical representation of loss costs on a map of the United States. For a set of selected criteria, the heat map offers statewide and national averages at a glance and the ability to drill down to territorial detail with a single click.
  • The class view – a tabular presentation of the loss costs for an individual class. This table also provides a link to the associated circular with detailed actuarial support for the loss costs. Underwriters can easily export results to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The state view – a tabular presentation of all of the classes in a selected state — with the circular links and export features included.

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