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The Verisk Data Exchange™

Discount Alert™

How can insurers use automakers’ digital ecosystems to grow profitably?

Vehicle telematics and automakers’ digital engagement channels have enormous but untapped potential to connect auto insurers with new prospective policyholders. Discount Alert can assist with your behavior-based marketing efforts and support UBI program growth.

Make connected cars a powerful channel for UBI growth

Discount Alert

Make connected cars a powerful channel for UBI growth

Many connected car drivers are already using their automakers’ mobile apps and online owner portals to connect with a range of digital services. Discount Alert lets insurers tap these ecosystems to identify vehicles used in a safe and low-mileage manner and providing a channel to deliver notifications with potential marketing offers.

Plug into this powerful new engagement channel to support profitable growth for your usage-based insurance (UBI) program.

Prospect proactively with telematics

Conneced Vehicles

Prospect proactively with telematics

Help ensure that discount notifications reach the right audience by using behavior-based insights from consenting drivers in the Verisk Data Exchange. Use your own segmentation models, custom business rules, and Verisk’s next-generation scoring model - or normalized data to fuel your proprietary algorithm.

Telematics tools can bring segmentation to new levels of precision that best align with your growth targets.

Engage potential customers with personalized messages

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Engage potential customers with personalized messages

Discount Alert can help you provide a truly personalized experience and powerful incentives for drivers to begin the process to obtain a quote by deploying notifications with customized marketing messages—even including the driver’s specific behavior-based discount.

Delight consumers and convert more with a seamless buying experience

Data Shopping Cart

Delight consumers and convert more with a seamless buying experience

When a driver responds to your notification and begins the process to obtain a quote, Verisk makes it easy to enhance your UBI program’s end-to-end experience. With consumer consent, you can use historical driving data from the Verisk Data Exchange to deliver their behavior-based discounts instantly at point of quote – which can bypass the traditional multiweek driving observation period.

Benefits of Discount Alert

Discount Alert: Powered by the Verisk Data Exchange

Driver Feedback Powered

Discount Alert: Powered by the Verisk Data Exchange

The Verisk Data Exchange connects you with millions of consenting connected car drivers from leading automakers. Discount Alert harnesses connectivity to unlock new opportunities for your UBI program that can put you on the road to profitable growth.

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