CMC Manual Plus is an electronic version of the ISO Community Mitigation Classification Manual—and more. Delivered to you through ISOnet®—the information service for insurance professionals—CMC Manual Plus gives you timely information, including Public Protection Classifications (PPC®) and Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®) classifications. The database reveals whether the community you're searching has prior, current, or future PPC or BCEGS classifications and their effective dates.

Speed, ease, and flexibility

CMC Manual Plus is your fastest way to get PPC and BCEGS classifications. As soon as ISO updates the CMC Manual database, you'll have access to the information. What's more, you can search the entire database, not just the revisions. You can also sort on any field in the database. So, if you're interested in communities with BCEGS classifications, sort on the BCEGS field. The system will group all those listings together for your convenience.

Here's what you get

Your subscription to CMC Manual Plus includes access to newly approved CMC revisions in real time. You'll know in advance what changes are on the way, and you'll have additional lead time to incorporate the necessary revisions into your clients' policies. The service consolidates all revisions monthly, by state. And upon your request, we'll also e-mail you monthly to alert you to the new changes posted.