Commercial A-PLUS


Finally, there is a contributory database that brings automation to the cumbersome process of ordering loss run reports.

Automated Loss Runs
Commercial A-PLUS provides underwriters and agents past claims details for all lines of commercial business. It’s the critical tool your organization needs to drive profitability and improve loss ratios.

Contributing is easy

Becoming part of the Commercial A-PLUS contributory database is easy. Just authorize use of your loss data to receive fast, comprehensive, reliable automated data in return.

Get speed and accuracy

Customers want fast decisions, but insurers need accurate data to price policies properly. That can mean choosing between a customer or profits.
With Commercial A-PLUS automated loss runs, insurers can have both speed and accuracy.


The Commercial A-PLUS database delivers loss runs fast, directly into your admin system or via web reports. Make decisions quickly, and satisfy your customers’ need for speed.


Our database—the world’s largest claims repository—provides the most accurate data possible, helping underwriters make proper, profitable pricing decisions.


Since Commercial A-PLUS is derived from the world's largest claims repository it represents the most comprehensive loss run tool in the market today.

Authorize now

Get the full value of sharing your loss data with ISO ClaimSearch®. Authorize your Commercial A-PLUS participation, and improve underwriting speed and accuracy immediately.