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Change Detection

Monitoring changes at renewal

Properties and lives change. Can your data keep up at renewal?

From a new pool to a new vacancy, the homes you insure and the people who own them can present ever-evolving risk profiles. Capturing what’s changed at renewal demands constant awareness.

Risks are on the move

Risks Are On The Move

Risks are on the move

Properties can be in constant flux. Changes in ownership and maintenance or new additions and renovations may reflect owners’ shifting circumstances. Potential implications include:

  • Premium leakage
  • Increased underwriting risk
  • Impending customer defections

Renewals are opportunities

Renewals Are Opportunities

Renewals are opportunities

Tap the profit potential in renewals with timely data that overlays property and homeowner changes for a clear view of your book. Change Detection looks at the risk from multiple angles to give you a more complete perspective on upcoming renewals.

Monitoring changes at renewal

Change Detection Capabilities Thumbnail

From renovations to foreclosures and ownership transfers, Change Detection uncovers events that shift a property’s risk profile to help you capture accurate premium, underwrite to your risk appetite, and protect profitability.

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Better decisions start with broad data

Property Changes

Property Changes

Property Changes

Track building permits and premium-impacting events at the address level. See how properties are maintained or modified in ways that can mitigate risk or change the insurance-to-value equation.




Use owner information as an indicator for potential property condition issues. Uncover changes in life circumstances and financial status that suggest potential for neglected maintenance and deferred repairs.


Tap into further policyholder insight

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