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Property Repair and Replacement


360value For Commercial Property

360Value Commercial

Get more reliable, component-based replacement cost estimates that account for virtually all material and labor required to rebuild with 360Value for commercial lines.

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360value Personal

360Value Personal

360Value Personal helps property insurers meet evolving customer expectations, while maintaining rating integrity.

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Change Detection Hero

Change Detection

Change Detection reveals events that shift an insured property’s risk profile to help you capture accurate premium, underwrite to your risk appetite, and stay profitable.

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Claimxperience Card


ClaimXperience is a collaborative, claims handling platform that lets you connect to your policyholder early and exchange constant updates with the whole claims team.

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ContentsTrack simplifies and automates cataloging, categorizing, and tracking personal property that needs to be stored, cleaned, or replaced.

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Digital Database

Image Forensics Solutions

Uncover fraud and preexisting damage in customer-submitted and third-party loss photos with the new digital media database and image forensics in ClaimSearch.

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Pricing Data Services

Pricing Data Services

We research and report on pricing data from a variety of sources to ensure that no one party or industry has any undue influence on the pricing data we provide.

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Roof Underwriting Report

Roof Underwriting Report for Commercial Risks

Verisk's Roof Underwriting Report helps provide critical information about roof risk using aerial imagery, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Personal Property Roof

Roof Underwriting Report for Homeowners

Verisk’s Roof Underwriting Report for homeowners can help insurers identify high-risk exposures, reporting on key roof data points like age, condition, and weather data.

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Corporate Meeting Office


XactAnalysis is a powerful set of analytical and reporting tools for insurance claims and underwriting departments.

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Xactanalysis Sp

XactAnalysis SP

XactAnalysis SP is an assignment management and business analysis tools for service providers. It lets you see assignment details, update and manage jobs.

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Personal Property


XactContents is available as a module within our Xactimate estimating software or as a completely online system.

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Xactware Hero


Xactimate is a software system for estimating the cost of repairs and reconstruction for residential and commercial structures.

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Xactware Training

Xactware Training

Xactware's training department conducts training throughout the year at convenient locations across North America.

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