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Premium Audit


General Liability Classification Guide

General Liability Classification Guide

The General Liability Classification Guide is a comprehensive tool to help insurance professionals apply correct general liability classifications. ISO's Premium Audit…

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Paas Faqs

Just the FAQs

Just the FAQs is a useful compilation of questions and answers from the PAAS® consultation service.

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Paas Bulletins

PAAS Bulletins

ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS®) publishes a series of bulletins to keep subscribers up to date on issues of importance to the premium audit function.

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Paas Classification Guides

PAAS Classification Guides

PAAS classification guides provide detailed descriptions of all ISO general liability classifications and NCCI workers comp classifications.

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Paas Explorer Teaser

PAAS Explorer

PAAS Explorer leverages over 14 million policy records to deliver accurate policy classification that you need to assign the right classification for each policy.

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Paas On Isonet

PAAS on ISOnet

PAAS on ISOnet gives you a complete reference library of information on premium audit and classification.

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Paas Rating Information

PAAS Rating Information

To help premium auditors and reviewers in their day-to-day work, PAAS® offers three publications that summarize important rating information state by state.

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Paas Training Manuals

PAAS Training Manuals

ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS) offers comprehensive training manuals for beginning premium auditors and reviewers. The self-contained manuals are available…

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The PAASbase CD contains a complete reference library of information on premium audit and classification.

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