Premium Audit

The ISOPAX Network offers special features that help you manage your entire premium audit process, including batch submission, management reports and order tracking.

The ISOPAX Network (ISO Premium Audit Xchange) provides thorough quality reviews to make sure you get exactly the audit you ordered. ISOPAX premium audit experts can check your audits against our own demanding standards – and yours. We review audits for a broad range of attributes, such as meaningful descriptions...

The ISOPAX Network has standardized premium audit reporting by providing an easy-to-read summary page with each audit report. An interactive audit summary builds a data file of the actual exposures reviewed during the audit process. You can then use that file to update your policy processing system automatically with the...

The ISOPAX Network offers you value-added services that can supplement or support your premium audit operations. The ISOPAX support staff comprises expert premium audit personnel who have decades of commercial carrier experience largely gained from the carrier premium audit community. The staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of premium audit...

The General Liability Classification Guide is a comprehensive tool to help insurance professionals apply correct general liability classifications. ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service offers this complete manual on classifying GL risks.

The PAASbase CD contains a complete reference library of information on premium audit and classification.

ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS) offers comprehensive training manuals for beginning premium auditors and reviewers. The self-contained manuals are available for workers' compensation, general liability, and commercial auto.

To help premium auditors and reviewers in their day-to-day work, PAAS® offers three publications that summarize important rating information state by state.

PAAS on ISOnet gives you a complete reference library of information on premium audit and classification.

PAAS classification guides provide detailed descriptions of all ISO general liability classifications and NCCI workers comp classifications.

ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS®) publishes a series of bulletins to keep subscribers up to date on issues of importance to the premium audit function.

Just the FAQs is a useful compilation of questions and answers from the PAAS® consultation service.