Fire Protection

Knowing whether a building is sprinklered is only part of the total risk picture. You also need to know if the sprinkler system can adequately protect the property and how it affects the building’s loss cost. Verisk’s Sprinkler Assessment Report provides an easy-to-understand engineering assessment of the effectiveness and loss reduction capabilities of a sprinkler system, at a glance.

An ISO Sprinkler Plan Review gives you an unbiased evaluation of a planned sprinkler system — before the building goes up or the system goes in. Submit a sprinkler plan to ISO for analysis. Our experts will thoroughly evaluate the plan according to the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and ISO's Specific Commercial Property Evaluation Schedule (SCOPES). You get a grading of the plan, plus suggestions for improving the design.

LOCATION - Wildfire Risk Verisk offers you multiple services to manage wildfire risk at the address level to support underwriting decisions, select rating plans, and manage exposure concentration. Wildfires have increased dramatically during the past decade. In the United States, an average of about 3 million acres burned each year...