Automobile Insurance

ISO maintains one of the largest private databases in the world. Each year, we collect some 2 billion detailed records of insurance premiums collected and losses paid. At any one time, ISO's computers store more than 19 billion records. For commercial lines, that data represents 70 to 75 percent of...

ISO's Commercial Lines Customized Reports and Analyses give you reliable, comprehensive data about the market for businessowners, commercial auto, commercial property, general liability, and other commercial lines of insurance.

To help you satisfy legal requirements and administer your insurance programs, ISO offers a collection of policywriting support forms. The forms include cancellation/nonrenewal notices, lost-policy releases, certificates of insurance, UM/UIM/PIP selection/rejection forms, claim forms, first reports of injury, loss notices, applications and fraud warnings.

Verisk's Commercial Fleet Survey gives you on-site underwriting information about fleets of all sizes, helping you identify areas of loss you may have overlooked.

Using predictive modeling to examine environmental indicators that can affect personal auto risks, the environmental module can predict expected losses for your risks at the policy level by major coverage.

Auto liability insurance reporting requirements (ALIR) are a compliance expenditure with ever-changing, state-specific demands and little return for insurers. CV-ALIR is a cost-efficient, once-and-done way to meet your ALIR obligations, free up valuable resources, and get off the compliance treadmill.

RISK:check Renewal is a sophisticated system that can help you uncover flaws in rating data quickly and efficiently. It helps you correct costly errors and restore profitability to your auto book of business. RISK:check Renewal uses Verisk’s sophisticated data analytics to compare individual policy information against millions of records from...

MileageConfirm is a solution to help you establish accurate annual mileage and/or commute estimates at the point of sale or point of quote. The expert system places advanced predictive analytics at the front end of new-business transactions for private passenger auto insurance.