Workers' Compensation Services

A consolidated approach to collecting and reporting all of your medical bill data to the state DCOs that require them. The wcPrism Medical Reporter provides carriers with a quick and efficient way to consolidate all medical bills into one data warehouse to manage compliance reporting for all state data collection organizations (DCOs).

Maintain accuracy in reporting WCPOLS to individual DCOs and avoid noncompliance fines. By applying an array of cross-relational policy-level database edits, the wcPrism Policy Reporter helps you maintain accuracy in reporting policy information (WCPOLS) to individual data collection organizations and avoid noncompliance fines.

The wcPrism Detailed Claim Information (DCI) Reporter provides full automation for reporting a random sampling of claims with detailed data elements and values required by all data collection organizations (DCOs).

The wcPrism Unit Statistical Reporter is a transactional-based solution for aggregating, valuating, and submitting unit statistical reports (USRs) to all state data collection organizations that require them.

The wcPrism Injury Reporter is a fully automated, business rules engine for the determination and delivery of both first and subsequent reports of injury (FROI/SROI) to all mandatory and voluntary IAIABC EDI Release 1 and Release 3 states.

ISO's Query Commercial Classification Code (QC3) is an online lookup tool for underwriters, actuaries, and risk managers. With QC3, you can find the correct commercial classification code for workers' compensation or general liability in a specific jurisdiction or in reference to a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) or Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code. Each search of the system displays a report that cross-references the related workers' compensation, general liability, NAICS, and SIC codes.

PAAS Classification Guides Accurate classification of risks is an indispensable part of the premium audit process. Risk classification is also essential to underwriting and rating. To help you classify general liability and workers' compensation risks, ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS ® ) has developed more than 40,000 classification guides....

The State Filing Handbook for Workers' Compensation is your online source of information about filing laws, regulations, and procedures for workers' compensation. For more than 25 years, insurers have relied on the State Filing Handbook for filing compliance details for most property/casualty lines. Now, ISO makes all that information available for workers' compensation. And the simple web interface gives you the latest information whenever you need it.

Eliminate the guesswork and compliance gaps from your Section 111 reporting with MSP Navigator. As the most advanced system in the industry, MSP Navigator not only reports data but also provides analytics that offer insight and guidance to help you manage claims and ensure proactive compliance.

Turn to an ISO Claims Partners Non-Submit Allocation for cases that don’t require Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) review. Non-Submit Allocation will help resolve the claim contingent on primary payer protocol, claimant concerns, jurisdictional considerations, and settlement type.

Pre-MSA from ISO Claims Partners provides an analysis of the potential amount of the Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) for a claim. The service helps you determine if a settlement of the case is feasible — and identify issues you can address before settlement to reduce the MSA amount. So, Pre-MSA is a proactive approach to compliance and resolution.

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance continues to present challenges for claims payers. You need a game plan from day one. Recognizing how to navigate the major MSP issues affecting claims should be an integral part of any effective claims-handling practice. The ISO Claims Partners Protocol Design Service can help you meet the challenges.