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2017 Verisk Wildfire Risk Analysis The 2017 Verisk Wildfire Risk Analysis determined the number and percentage of households at high or extreme risk from wildfire in the 13 most wildfire-prone states. Each state in the charts below links to a snapshot view of the state’s risk. To see complete reports,...
Reliable replacement cost estimates are essential to protect customers. These customers are beginning to demand a new way of doing business that puts the estimation process in their hands. 360Value helps property insurers meet evolving customer expectations, while maintaining rating integrity.
It’s no longer necessary to make the trade-off between ordering loss history reports at bind to save money and providing a positive customer experience. With A-PLUS, which draws from one of the most comprehensive databases in the industry, insurers can choose from a suite of innovative solutions to help inform their underwriting and rating decisions as early as the first quote.
Verisk offers a fast, accurate way to get information on building code enforcement with Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS) codes for commercial and personal lines. We also provide jurisdiction names and effective years for risk addresses in all states except Idaho and Washington, D.C.
Thinking about insuring that six-bedroom Victorian on the hill? Can you even begin to guess at all the hazards that might be lurking in the gables of such a structure? Considering an investment in a sports bar? How would you know if the kitchen were a grease fire waiting to happen?
Enhance the precision of your homeowners rating with by-peril analysis. With the new Homeowners By-Peril Rating Supplement, you’ll now be able to evaluate the perils that pose the greatest risk for policies in your homeowners book of business and rate the exposure more accurately.
Homeowners Section II Loss Development Information ISO's Reinsurance Package - essential analytical and pricing tools for reinsurance underwriters and actuaries Analyze your homeowners pricing by limit of liability and layer of loss. ISO's Homeowners Section II Loss Development Information provides loss development factors and the underlying data for Homeowners Section...
Changes to rebuilding costs and properties you insure will affect replacement costs. To verify accurate property information and keep pace with replacement costs, Verisk offers tools to help keep insurance to value (ITV) current throughout the life of the policy.
ISO DataCube™ provides aggregate premium & loss experience data, on a granular level, to help you make important decisions about your portfolio.
ISO Risk Analyzer Homeowners is a powerful analytic tool that uses predictive modeling to examine hundreds of indicators that can affect your homeowners risks and predict the noncatastrophe portion of expected losses at the policy level by peril.
ISO Risk Analyzer Personal Auto Environmental Module V2 Refine your rating by taking a good look at how geographic variables affect your risks Traffic volume. Commuting patterns. Terrain. Precipitation. Temperatures. Extreme weather. Speed limits. Elevation. Population. What influence do geographic variables such as those have on a vehicle’s loss potential?...
Digital auto insurers own the future as buyers evolve, new devices raise expectations, and new competitors emerge. LightSpeed leverages innovative, next-generation data resources to deliver a seamless customer experience.