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360value For Commercial Property

360Value Commercial

Get more reliable, component-based replacement cost estimates that account for virtually all material and labor required to rebuild with 360Value for commercial lines.

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A Plus Commercial

A-PLUS Commercial

The A-PLUS Commercial contributory database is the largest claims repository to help underwriters make profitable pricing decisions with automated loss runs.

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Asdi Actuarial Insights

Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights

Verisk’s Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights helps insurers enhance their decision making and boost productivity and profitability.

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Building Fundamentals Report

Building Fundamentals

Verisk’s Building Fundamentals provide property information from tax assessor and modeled data with 100 percent fill rate for five primary property characteristics.

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Interior of a commercial manufacturing building

Capital Assets Program

Verisk's Capital Asset output program provides standardized forms, rules, and loss costs that help insurers cover complex commercial property risks.

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Small Commercial Underwriting Report

Casualty Underwriting Advantage Report

With just a business name and address, this report delivers actionable insights to inform eligibility, risk selection, underwriting, and pricing.

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Circulars On Isonet

Circulars on ISOnet

ISOnet Circulars deliver critical information for insurance professionals on industry developments and Verisk product news.

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Commercial Inland Marine Program

Commercial Inland Marine

Verisk's Commercial Inland Marine Program provides the insurance forms, rules, and advisory loss costs to help insurers underwrite mobile property risks.

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On Site Survey Services

Commercial Property Surveys and Inspections

Verisk's on-site surveys and inspections provide objective information on commercial or residential properties and their potential exposure to loss.

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Commercial Umbrella Insurance Program

Commercial Umbrella Program

Use the the ISO Commercial Umbrella Program to go above and beyond for customers who need higher coverage limits.

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Cyber Insurance Program

Cyber Insurance Program

The ISO Cyber Insurance Policy Program contains the cyber insurance forms, rules, advisory loss costs, and ratings-related information for a cyber insurance offering.

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Driving History Solutions

Driving History Solutions

Verisk driving history solutions deliver motor vehicle reports quickly. Indexes of activity help guide MVR spending. And driver monitoring catches adverse changes early.

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Driving Dna Data Preview V1

DrivingDNA Data

DrivingDNA Data allows auto insurers to use multisource telematics data attributes and mileage from connected cars for usage-based insurance rating and pricing

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Driving Dna Lab Preview V1

DrivingDNA Lab

The DrivingDNA Lab gives auto insurers a secure environment to study the lift from telematics, supporting rapid insight creation using data from existing policyholders

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FireLine provides property-specific wildfire hazard scores based on the risk factors of fuel, slope, and access, and identifies risks exposed to wind-borne embers.

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Forms Rules Loss Costs

Forms, Rules, and Loss Costs

ISO Forms, ISO Rules, and ISO Loss Costs are standardized tools that insurers can use to cover and price risk in commercial and personal lines of insurance.

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Hail Risk Assessment

Hail Damage Score assess the potential for pre-existing hail damage to a property. Hail Risk Score measures the likelihood of future damage over the short to medium term.

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Insurance Consulting

Insurance Consulting

Actuarial support and ISO product consulting from Verisk actuaries and product experts.

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Iso Datacube

ISO DataCube

ISO DataCube™ provides aggregate premium & loss experience data, on a granular level, to help you make important decisions about your portfolio.

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Iso Risk Analyzer

ISO Risk Analyzer

ISO Risk Analyzer is powered by granular data and predictive analytics to help insurers better compete in the auto, homeowners, and businessowners markets.

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Small Businessowner Coffee Shop

ISO Risk Analyzer Businessowners

Accurately select and price your small business risks by providing you with a highly detailed look at how major perils affect the loss potential of those risks.

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Commercial Truck

ISO Risk Analyzer Commercial Auto

ISO Risk Analyzer Commercial Auto examines environmental factors and vehicle attributes to better understand risk and help drive your business forward.

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Lightspeed Commercial

LightSpeed Commercial

Innovation designed to enhance your underwriting processes and help improve profitability.

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Lightspeed Small Commercial

LightSpeed Small Commercial

With automated underwriting, shrink small commercial quote turnaround time from days to seconds with robust data-driven analytics and deep risk insights.

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Loss Cost Quote Report

Loss Cost Quote Report

A filed loss cost is a powerful driver of underwriting and pricing, helping you determine adequate premium.

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Onexperience For Commercial Property1

OneXperience for Commercial Property

Get quick, reliable data on commercial properties to help properly price policies instead of relying on site-unseen information.

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New York City Skyline

ProMetrix Commercial Property

ProMetrix gives insurers 100% fill rates and high hit rates with a full picture for commercial properties through on-site, virtual, and modeled data.

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City Skyline

Property Details Report

Speed to market with accurate pricing is vital, but sometimes a detailed report based on an on-site inspection isn’t available.

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Public Protection Classification (PPC) Service

The level of fire protection for a given property can be a moving target—and you might miss it if you’re looking only at distance to the nearest fire station.

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Roof Underwriting Report

Roof Underwriting Report for Commercial Risks

Verisk's Roof Underwriting Report helps provide critical information about roof risk using aerial imagery, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Sprinkler Report Hero

Sprinkler Assessment Report

Get accurate estimates of a sprinkler system’s ability to contain fire spread for the specific hazards of occupants in the building.

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Sprinkler Plan Hero

Sprinkler Plan Review

An ISO Sprinkler Plan Review gives you an unbiased evaluation of a planned sprinkler system — before the building goes up or the system goes in.

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Vinmaster Product


Determining the proper premiums for personal auto policies can be tricky business, especially for collision and comprehensive coverages.

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Corporate Meeting Office


XactAnalysis is a powerful set of analytical and reporting tools for insurance claims and underwriting departments.

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