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Acme Insurance Discount Alert

Discount Alert

Discount Alert turns connected cars into a new acquisition and growth channel for usage-based insurance with precision targeting enabled by telematics data

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Driver Feedback Teaser

Driver Feedback

Driver Feedback uses a loss-based predictive model to give drivers a personalized view of their driving risk and helpful feedback across a range of user interfaces

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Driving Dna Data Preview

DrivingDNA Data

DrivingDNA Data allows auto insurers to use multisource telematics data attributes and mileage from connected cars for usage-based insurance rating and pricing

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Driving Dna Lab Preview V1

DrivingDNA Lab

The DrivingDNA Lab gives auto insurers a secure environment to study the lift from telematics, supporting rapid insight creation using data from existing policyholders

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Teaser Driving Dna Mileage

DrivingDNA Mileage

DrivingDNA Mileage delivers verified, timely odometer readings and mileage insights from connected cars, helping you improve rating integrity and enabling premium lift

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Drivingdna Score Car

DrivingDNA Score

The DrivingDNA Score is a predictive model and corresponding rating rule that uses telematics data for usage-based insurance risk segmentation and pricing precision.

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As annual mileage increases, so does loss frequency. Accurate mileage matters, but many insurers struggle to capture it.

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