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Specialty Commercial Lines


Circulars On Isonet

Circulars on ISOnet

ISOnet Circulars deliver critical information for insurance professionals on industry developments and ISO product news.

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Crime And Fidelity

Crime and Fidelity Insurance Program

Standardized ISO policy forms and information to help protect businesses against employee theft, forgery, and other workplace crimes.

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Employment Related Practices Liability

Employment-Related Practices Liability

The ISO Employment-Related Practices Liability Program helps you provide coverage for the gap in employment-related-practices exposure that many companies face.

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Fiduciary Liability Hero

Fiduciary Liability Program

Targeted protection of businesses’ and employers’ assets against fiduciary-related claims of mismanagement of a company’s employee benefit plans.

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Financial Institutions Program

Financial Institutions Program

The Financial Institutions Program is a package of policies with separate limits and deductibles to meet the specific needs of your banking and financial customers.

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Insurance Liability Hero

Insurance Agents and Brokers Professional Liability (E&O)

ISO’s Insurance Agents and Brokers Professional Liability Program protects your client’s agency and employees for alleged errors or omissions.

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Insurance Consulting

Insurance Consulting

Actuarial support and ISO product consulting from Verisk actuaries and product experts.

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Nursing Home Patient

ISO Home Healthcare Program

ISO Home Healthcare is a turnkey program covering a broad range of eligible professionals from home healthcare aides to nurses.

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Iso Market Landscape

ISO Market Landscape

The ISO Market Landscape™ dashboard visualizes your company's results and compares them to statistics from ISO's database.

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Iso Marketstance

ISO MarketStance

ISO MarketStance helps insurers distill and synthesize geographic, industry, and size-of-business data into reports and visualizations to support decision making.

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Iso Rapid Valuator

ISO Rapid Valuator

Our powerful pricing tool helps insurers independently analyze their own customized loss cost results in two easy steps.

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Iso Size Of Loss Matrix And Iso Marketwatch Suite Teaser

ISO Size-of-Loss Matrix

Leverage an industry-leading data and analytics platform for high-level graphical visualizations across a variety of research needs.

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Lawyers Professional Liability

Lawyers Professional Liability (E&O)

ISO’s Lawyers Professional Liability Program was designed to fit the legal liability coverage needs of small and medium-sized law firms as well as solo practitioners.

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Management Protection

Management Protection (D&O)

ISO’s Management Protection Program offers protection from a wide range of risks, including executive liability (directors and officers liability).

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Medical Professional Liability Hero

Medical Professional Liability

With ISO's simplified medical professional liability program, you'll find a range of options to tailor your policies to your specific risks.

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Professional Liability

Miscellaneous Professional Liability Program

ISO’s Miscellaneous Professional Liability Program provides a wide variety of professional service providers with worldwide coverage for wrongful and negligent acts.

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Not For Protfit Management Liability

Not-for-Profit Management Liability (D&O)

To safeguard your clients from management-related exposures, ISO’s Not-for-Profit Management Liability Program offers protection from a wide range of risks.

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Corporate Conference Room Employees

Private Company Management Liability

Private firms account for nearly 100 percent of all U.S. companies.* Do you understand the risks they face well enough to profitably seize the opportunity of insuring…

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Commercial Property Size Of Loss Database


ISO’s PSOLD™ is the most current and comprehensive loss history database for commercial property risks.

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Professional Liability Hero

Real Estate Agents and Brokers Professional Liability (E&O)

The ever-increasing complexities of real estate transactions and the rising use of litigation mean your clients need access to a professional liability program.

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