Rating Integrity Systems

OneXperience™ for commercial property is a collaborative risk management and self-inspection platform where insurers, agents, and policyholders can digitally engage in real time and share photos, videos, and forms throughout the life of the policy.

OneXperience provides inspection options so insurance carriers can engage digitally with customers to obtain quick, cost-effective access to accurate, current property risk data.

GarageConfirm helps you identify and combat garaging fraud. Tapping into DRN’s vehicle location database containing more than 4 billion license plate sightings, GarageConfirm measures the time, frequency, and proximity of vehicle sightings relative to a given address.

Verisk's RISK:check Point of Sale screening technology is the most advanced predictive model for underwriting available to the personal auto market today.

RISK:check Renewal is a sophisticated system that can help you uncover flaws in rating data quickly and efficiently. It helps you correct costly errors and restore profitability to your auto book of business.

RISK:guard is a unique tool to help preserve rating integrity in the most cost-effective manner during the second and subsequent years of a multiyear RISK:check Renewal/Precision Reunderwriting program.

MileageConfirm is a solution to help you establish accurate annual mileage and/or commute estimates at the point of sale or point of quote. The expert system places advanced predictive analytics at the front end of new-business transactions for private passenger auto insurance.

Precision Reunderwriting™ from Verisk is an effective and efficient policyholder/member contact solution that enables you to correct rating errors and recover lost premium.