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Electronic Delivery Systems


Verisk Cyber Data Exchange

Cyber Data Exchange

Cyber Data Exchange is a cyber insurance database aggregating industry-wide premium and loss data and returning it as business intelligence via interactive dashboards.

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Cyber Pricing, Underwriting, and Distribution Platform

Verisk's underwriting ecosystem for cyber insurance uses low/no-code tech and supports pricing, distribution, risk visualization, application prefill and more.

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The Verisk Cyber Underwriting Report

Cyber Underwriting Report

The Cyber Underwriting Report provides real-time cybersecurity and insurance analytics on any customer with a domain so cyber insurers can underwrite new risks quickly.

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Electronic Rating Content Erc

ISO Electronic Rating Content

Automate your ISO-based insurance programs with actionable electronic ISO rating content directly from ISO.

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Cellphone Image Capture

OneXperience for Personal Property

OneXperience is a self-inspection InsurTech tool offering live-feed video tours, virtual loss control, and customer collaboration.

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Prometrix Reports

ProMetrix Reports

Verisk's ProMetrix online underwriting reports provide new risk insights, analytics, and modeling capability to give you a competitive edge.

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