Electronic Delivery Systems

ISO's Electronic Forms on Disc (EFD) is a database of policy forms and endorsements for all ISO lines of business. You can view and print the ISO forms, modify or customize them, and integrate them into your own policy-issuance system. Your initial order of EFD comes on CD-ROM. Then, you get customized weekly updates through your own secured ISOnet mailbox.
ISOnet brings ISO's vast wealth of insurance information to you over the web. With ISOnet — the information service for insurance professionals — you can easily locate current and historical ISO documents, eliminating the time you'd waste tracking down misplaced or filed copies. And ISOnet has powerful search features — plus user-friendly navigation and hypertext linking — to put a huge collection of ISO information right at your fingertips.
Now, with ISO IntegRater, insurers and managing general agents (MGAs) can get electronic data delivery of ISO loss costs and rating factors, in a delimited format for use in company databases and rating systems. Designed for insurance companies and MGAs, ISO IntegRater lets you input your own company rate information and use ISO's table format in conjunction with your own rating system.
ISO Loss Cost Customizer is a software tool that helps you manage revisions to ISO's advisory prospective loss costs. With ISO Loss Cost Customizer, you can easily evaluate the effect of an ISO revision on your own book of business and modify the loss costs to suit your company's needs. You get better, faster actuarial and marketing decisions — and streamlined implementation of your rate changes.
If your company writes commercial insurance, ISO's Commercial Lines Manual (CLM) and policy forms are probably the foundation on which you build your programs. But perhaps you modify ISO's manuals and forms to serve your competitive strategies, adding your own proprietary material and selecting your own effective dates. Whether you use ISO material as provided — or modify it to suit your needs — ISO Suite+ can improve the way you manage and distribute insurance information in your organization.
Digital auto insurers own the future as buyers evolve, new devices raise expectations, and new competitors emerge. LightSpeed leverages innovative, next-generation data resources to deliver a seamless customer experience.
Speed to market with accurate pricing is vital. You need to underwrite and quote coverage fast, or you’ll lose out to the competition. The loss cost, rating, and risk selection information available through our ProMetrix ® suite of services lets you price policies accurately and get quotes to customers quickly....