Claims Information and Services

ISO developed ClaimDirector in response to our industry's need for an expert scoring product. Insurers across the country asked for better scoring tools to improve claims management. We built ClaimDirector with feedback from claims representatives throughout the insurance industry to streamline claims handling and support better customer service.
Every day, more fraud could be slipping through your current investigative process, leading to extra payouts that your company doesn’t need to make. It’s time to take action.
Maintaining rating integrity throughout the life of an auto policy is essential to your book’s profitability. Driver Monitoring is a cost-effective program that identifies adverse changes in the driving records of your policyholders. You can effortlessly monitor your policyholder list, receiving a monthly batch of updated motor vehicle reports (MVRs) containing adverse activity posted to a policyholder’s driving record.
ClaimDirector integrates seamlessly with ISO ClaimSearch to provide an end-to-end system for preventing insurance fraud. With ClaimDirector, claims scoring becomes part of the process of submitting a claim to ISO ClaimSearch. A total claim score serves as the guideline for adjusters to help determine whether they should expedite or investigate a claim.
How SIU Case Manager Works Insurance claims and underwriting investigations require detailed planning, documentation, and analysis. SIU Case Manager is a browser-based tool that automates and integrates the many tasks involved in managing claims and underwriting investigations. Claims adjustors can identify suspicious claims and pass that information along more easily....
Insurance fraud may be an industrywide problem, but it affects every carrier differently. For that reason, ClaimDirector is not a one-size–fits–all claims scoring system. You can — and should — customize the tool to reflect the specific needs and challenges of your company.
Changes to rebuilding costs and properties you insure will affect replacement costs. To verify accurate property information and keep pace with replacement costs, Verisk offers tools to help keep insurance to value (ITV) current throughout the life of the policy.
ISO ClaimAlert: Foreclosure is a service that reports foreclosure activity on the properties users report to ISO ClaimSearch. ISO ClaimAlert: Foreclosure lets you know when a claimant has a property in foreclosure. That gives you an opportunity to investigate cases where moral hazard could be an issue.
After ISO ClaimSearch DNA identifies your suspicious networks, you can conduct more in-depth analysis using ISO NetMap DNA. ISO NetMap DNA is the only application that allows you to easily view and explore the many aspects of your networks of special interest.
SIU Case Manager provides an end-to-end system for managing insurance investigations, improving adjuster and SIU manager efficiency, managing case documentation, and running detailed reports to uncover claims trends.
Marine Index Bureau Your first line of defense against fraudulent personal injury claims Ships and docks and oil rigs are dangerous places. With the machinery, the cargo, and the hazards of nature, the maritime and energy industries will always be subject to accidents. And because of the transient nature of...
The ISO Claims Outcome Advisor (COA) application-to-application (A2A) interface for Ministry of Justice (MoJ) claims significantly simplifies the handling of motor claims ranging from £1,000 to £25,000.