Claims Information and Services

ISO ClaimAlert: Foreclosure is a service that reports foreclosure activity on the properties users report to ISO ClaimSearch. ISO ClaimAlert: Foreclosure lets you know when a claimant has a property in foreclosure. That gives you an opportunity to investigate cases where moral hazard could be an issue.

ISO Claims Partners provides a wide range of claims compliance solutions—from extensive MSP services to efficient EDI reporting—as well as proven predictive analytics that improve workers’ compensation and liability claims management.

ISO ClaimSearch is the property/casualty insurance industry’s largest claims database, providing robust claim analysis and fraud detection.

Insurers are charged with resolving claims as quickly and fairly as possible—while minimizing leakage and paying only what is owed.

Our team of legal and medical experts has developed a range of conditional payment services regarding the U.S. Department of Treasury, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid.

The Marine Index Bureau (MIB) is the first line of defense against fraud in maritime injury claims.

Our full suite of workers’ compensation allocation and compliance solutions provide seamless, accurate CMS reporting, comprehensive lien services, and cost containment for future medicals.

Complying with Medicare’s demands for future medical allocations requires deep knowledge of both medical and legal aspects of injury claims.

Information is the lifeblood of risk and capital management, especially for catastrophes and weather events. With PCS, you'll get immediate access to the severe weather data you need to manage your business effectively and efficiently.

Our robust CMS reporting solution and review services enable insurers to easily fulfill their obligations to identify and report Medicare recipients in claims.

wcAnalyzer is an analytics platform for the workers comp industry that provides states and carriers with the means to turn untapped data into actionable insights.

wcCapture is a workers comp claims data collection/compliance monitoring system that's a cost effective option for states looking to launch EDI reporting initiatives.