Claims Information and Services

To estimate underwriting risks accurately and calculate suitable premiums, you need complete information on all potential drivers within each policyholder household. Maintaining an accurate assessment is challenging, but our Policy Monitoring program can help.

Information is the lifeblood of risk and capital management, especially for catastrophes and weather events. With PCS, you'll get immediate access to the severe weather data you need to manage your business effectively and efficiently.

For more than 25 years, insurers have relied on the State Filing Handbook from ISO for compliance details on filing rates, rules, and forms in all jurisdictions. The handbook tells you how to make independent filings in every state and what to do in response to ISO filings.

Personal Injury Claims Automated Settlement (PICAS Plus) is the industry's only product to digitise the personal injury claims settlement process. Developed in collaboration with medical professionals, claimant solicitors, and insurance companies, PICAS Plus provides fast and easy settlement for all parties.

The ISO Claims Outcome Advisor (COA) application-to-application (A2A) interface for Ministry of Justice (MoJ) claims significantly simplifies the handling of motor claims ranging from £1,000 to £25,000.

ISO has provided data, analytics, and decision support tools to an overwhelming majority of United States property/casualty insurers for more than 40 years. We’re experts at employing advanced technologies to help companies assess, manage, and navigate risk. ISO products and services deliver bottom-line results through streamlined claims operations, intelligent underwriting,...

ISO ClaimAlert: Foreclosure is a service that reports foreclosure activity on the properties users report to ISO ClaimSearch. ISO ClaimAlert: Foreclosure lets you know when a claimant has a property in foreclosure. That gives you an opportunity to investigate cases where moral hazard could be an issue.

Insurance fraud may be an industrywide problem, but it affects every carrier differently. For that reason, ClaimDirector is not a one-size–fits–all claims scoring system. You can — and should — customize the tool to reflect the specific needs and challenges of your company.

ISO developed ClaimDirector in response to our industry's need for an expert scoring product. Insurers across the country asked for better scoring tools to improve claims management. We built ClaimDirector with feedback from claims representatives throughout the insurance industry to streamline claims handling and support better customer service.

ClaimDirector integrates seamlessly with ISO ClaimSearch to provide an end-to-end system for preventing insurance fraud. With ClaimDirector, claims scoring becomes part of the process of submitting a claim to ISO ClaimSearch. A total claim score serves as the guideline for adjusters to help determine whether they should expedite or investigate...

Insurance claims and underwriting investigations require detailed planning, documentation, and analysis. SIU Case Manager is a browser-based tool that automates and integrates the many tasks involved in managing claims and underwriting investigations.

Every day, more fraud could be slipping through your current investigative process, leading to extra payouts that your company doesn’t need to make. It’s time to take action.