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Personal Auto Solutions

Underwriting and Rating

How well do you understand the risks in your book of business?

Careful risk selection, pinpoint pricing, and strong safeguards against fraud and premium leakage depend on an ecosystem of precise personal auto underwriting and rating tools that can improve rate integrity at the source.

Fight underwriting fraud and improve rate integrity

Riskcheck Suite

Fight underwriting fraud and improve rate integrity

Are your applicants telling the truth? Take on premium leakage and underwriting fraud with data-driven insights across the policy life cycle.

Identify gaps in details of coverage

Coverage Verifier

Identify gaps in details of coverage

Make better risk selection and pricing decisions with quick access to policy-level information on existing and previous coverages.

Examine critical driver data

Use the right tools to help uncover critical driver details: violations, loss history, and undisclosed drivers on a policy. And let credit-based scoring help you complete the risk profile.

A Plus Personal

Pull ahead of the competition

Understanding claims history is critical to accurate initial quoting, but to save money, many insurers delay ordering loss history data until just before bind.

Learn about A-PLUS Auto
Driving History Solutions Personal Auto

Get the tools you need

You can use cost-efficient tools to gain the knowledge you need to make a confident call at point of sale or renewal.

Learn about Driving History Solutions
Driver Information And Discover

Estimate underwriting risks accurately

Pricing on auto policies is only as accurate as the information on who drives the insured vehicle.

Learn about Undisclosed Driver Information
Reverse Phone Append

Obtain applicant information with a simple phone number search

Reverse Phone Append can provide basic applicant information with a phone number. Streamline the point-of-sale process and serve your customers quickly and accurately.

Learn about Reverse Phone Append

Give credit where credit is due


Give credit where credit is due

Shift your growth and profitability trends while providing a balanced framework in which to evaluate today’s more virtual consumer.

A vehicle is more than the sum of its parts

Rating Process

A vehicle is more than the sum of its parts

Vehicles of the same year, make, model, and trim level can age differently over a lifetime of use. Auto History Score can provide a clearer picture of a vehicle's past.

Enhance customer satisfaction with mileage-based rating


Enhance customer satisfaction with mileage-based rating

Leverage the strong link between mileage and insurance claims to strengthen your underwriting and rating.

Learn more about the vehicle you’re about to insure

Know the vehicles you insure, inside and out, with tools that help you achieve the refined segmentation needed for today’s competitive personal auto market.


Drill down to the details on each vehicle

Knowing each vehicle you insure in granular detail is critical in today’s competitive personal auto market for underwriting, rating, and claims adjusting.

Learn about TrueVIN

Get the symbol without the VIN

Quickly and easily identify an automobile's current ISO Vehicle Series Rating Symbol without knowing its vehicle identification number (VIN).

Learn about VINMASTER
Iso Symbols

Enhance rating accuracy

ISO Symbols are codes that indicate the relative risk of loss for each private passenger vehicle series and each model year.

Learn about ISO Symbols
Vehicle Reports

Discover critical vehicle data

To calculate suitable premiums for automobile risks, you need complete and accurate information about the vehicles that your policyholders drive.

Learn about Vehicle-Registration Reports

Map premium leakage related to garaging discrepancies

Residential Garage

Map premium leakage related to garaging discrepancies

Examine where your insured vehicles spend most of their time, using actual sightings to verify garaging addresses and commuting mileage.

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